pick up (trash) tongs?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Beckham, Sep 18, 2009.

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    I usually walk before I mow picking up bits a pieces that will make a mess if hit with the blade. I also wear small ear buds with ear muffs over them and radio in the cup holder. When I find a piece of debris I have to disconnect and get off to clear it out of my path. I want to get a set of tongs that I can reach and pick up that litter, bottle, small item etc. without getting disconnected and getting off. I have seen the real cheap ones but it seems they are too short and maybe a little flimsy. Anyone got any idea? I guess I'd rather not pay the amount for a professional set of snake tongs either. Got to be something in the middle or someone who is multi-tasking with something else.
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    Here is a link for some.
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    The item scOtt250 mentioned is made by Unger. www.ungerglobal.com. I have used them before, they are made very well made and are easy to use. They also come in different lengths.
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    I bought a dottie picker upper from my dealer for like 36.00 and it is really long and I've gone though a ton of different brands and dottie is the best.
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    We buy ours from lowes in the garden tool section. We carry a 5 gallon bucket between your feet and stick the trash stick in the bucket.....wouldn't do it any other way that I can think of.
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    I understand listening to the radio but I would rather be able to hear any changes in engine sounds in case anything strange happens.

    I have used tongs purchased at home depot with much success. This is one tool that I don't demand top quality of.
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    Where is the site you can see this tool?

    Been using this GG-40 for years with excellent results and zero problems.

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    Yup that's the one I use. I just get it with my dealer.
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