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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ashs inc, Feb 26, 2012.

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    I really like the Izuzu NPR Flatbed, it has an 18' bed with a 4.5' dovetail & a 6' ramp. The Izuzu Box truck is my favorite, it is 20' long, with a 2' dovetail & a 7' ramp. That ramp was my latest and best. The others that I have built are adequate, but not quite what I wanted. The pickup is a picture that I found, I like the design of the ramp (not of the weedeater racks).






  2. Salcido Lawn

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    I'll keep trying to upload pics of the inside of my box truck. The website won't allow me to.
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    My box truck was an old bread truck, with a side door. My guys LOVE this side door, it is soooooooo much faster to grab a weedeater or blower, rather than going through the back door and climbing over the mowers to get to the small equipment.








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    Have to agree.

    When I started I would drive a lawn tractor up into the back of a pickup truck on two 2 x 12 boards. A lot of work several times a day and dangerous too.

    Then I got an open 6 x 10 trailer and thought I was in heaven. There are precious few places I can't get into and out of. I discovered that in a pinch I could simply unload and unhook the trailer, turn the truck around, reattach the trailer and easily get out of a tight spot.

    I'm going to move up to a larger enclosed trailer this year. For the security from theft of equipment and the ability to put a large ad on the side. I will also be able to store the equipment in the trailer during the winter and free up space in the garage.
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    This brings to mind my first year, bought a used lesco 48" walk behind belt drive. found out loading it into the back of a Chevy 3500HD dump truck was far from practical. i had two 2x6x10 foot boards as ramps to the bed that was a good 5 foot from the ground... bad idea! did it for most of the year. i looked ridiculous. and if i got caught in the rain...400lb lawn ornament. just not a good image, very time consuming, VERRY EXHAUSTING!

    i had a 16' landscape trailer by the end of the year
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    You could do this?! I saw this car today and had to take a picture. It brings back old memories!

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    where did you get the 20ft box truck? is it diesel? and hd? what year and miles and how much did you give for it? Thats what i've been looking for for a looonng time.
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    It's an old bread truck, I found it in Dallas, TX. It's a 1997, with a gas engine (I wish it was a diesel though) I think I got a good deal though. It has about 140k miles on it. The previous owner put a new motor and a new transmission in it a year before I bought it. I paid $4,000 & I built the gate myself. It cost me about $400 in metal.
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    Love my ramp setup, tow trailer with for condo runs, 2 days, run like this ( 2-33") rest of the time!
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