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Picked off a nice Tru Groin account today

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Saw them out spraying Hort oil in a pouring all day rain on a ladys apple trees and the guy left and I went and spoke to the older lady....It's mine now, Thank you.

1000.00 dollar sale with T/S and Lawn. Their production goals are awesome sometimes.

Cha Ching!

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Oh, so what are you telling me...That working for yourself gives you the opportunity and ability to be caring, considerate, and actually perform the work properly?
I was being a good way. :)
You know...I HAVE talked to guys - with great sincerity from different areas of the country, and DO know that there are areas that get just crazy prices for theit applications. Out east, for instance....I have spoke to people that were getting $100 and better per application for standard 1/2 acre subdivision lots. We have also talked about this at our Lesco (excuse me, JDL lol), and we discussed the price fluctuations in fert prices and like our rep said, he speaks to the other stores - and they say they get these prices, also. Their service prices of course, would be directly dictated by their material costs. Now,..all the mowing guys that say they are getting 100 bucks or slightly less to mow a small those I don't believe. However, there are areas, like in Oregon where my uncle lives, that they pay 40 some bucks for postage stamp lawns to be mowed. Line about 20 of THOSE puppies up for a days work, and it's not a bad day! lol ... I guess one way to find out would be to make some calls around the country, and do some fishing. It is just hard to fathom from our point of view, because we see first hand the prices charged in our areas, and how consistent they are. Where abouts in the state are you? I'm in the Flint area, Genesee County.
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That's kind of what I was touching on....It is just boggling the differences in prices and such throughout the country. The prices I liked the best was from our friend that did lawn care in Hawaii. I wonder where he has been,...I haven't seen him on in a while. Just out of curiosity, what are some round figures of your prices for fert and chem over there right now, for say a fert w/ 10% Dimension and perhas a 24-0-11 50% scu with 2% fe?
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