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Picked off a nice Tru Groin account today

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Saw them out spraying Hort oil in a pouring all day rain on a ladys apple trees and the guy left and I went and spoke to the older lady....It's mine now, Thank you.

1000.00 dollar sale with T/S and Lawn. Their production goals are awesome sometimes.

Cha Ching!

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You rang? Runner? I am still around. It has been kind of crazy for me the last 3 months Can you imagine having only about 5 days in a month where the wind is not blowing 30-50 MPH? Yeah, yeah good weather for windsurfing, but I have had lawns and shrubs that needed to be sprayed a month ago. Had to give many people a sermon and make them review the terms of service everyone signs before I will do their lawns. I might need to make them sign this with the blood from their first born child.

My cost per acre is way different because of the various things I need to deal with. For example; Three Way amine does not work very well on many weeds, I have lots of kyllinga and/or nutsedge to deal with, lawns are frequently infested with grassy weeds that requires an expensive sulfonylurea herbicide and lastly, it is rare that I am only maintaining the lawn Tree, shrub and ground cover care is included, as well as irrigation system management. I will not leave operation of the irrigation system to a "landscaper", Fimco or Mike Leary do not work in Hawaii, and the few companies that bill themselves as irrigation companies leave me very unimpressed. So I do a lot more per acre than sling 200 lb of granules as fast as I can drive while spraying a quart of Three Way at the same time. If it were that easy for me, my price would be similar to yours.

I do not get fired, however willful or repeated negligent violations of my terms of service are cause for me to fire a customer. Nagging me about "when am I going to be there" when it is blowing over 30 MPH, FIRED.


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