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Picked off a nice Tru Groin account today

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Saw them out spraying Hort oil in a pouring all day rain on a ladys apple trees and the guy left and I went and spoke to the older lady....It's mine now, Thank you.

1000.00 dollar sale with T/S and Lawn. Their production goals are awesome sometimes.

Cha Ching!

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Thanks guys.

I have to admit being forced to do this in the past when I worked for them. You either put your conscience on hold when you work there or you can go look for another job and eventually I left and the way they treat customers was a big reason for it. I saw a need, and provide better service.
Cool deal bud -- we only have one account where we spray for apple production. She has just over 100 apple trees (all in rows), but she has more money than she can count. Once we explain to homeowners the true cost involved, they realize it ain't worth spending hundreds of dollars compared to buying apples at the store. :waving:
Maybe we should both move to Jersey. Guy in another threads telling me he gets 400 an acre to fertilize a lawn.

I don't really understand the question but yes.
I was being a good way. :)
Let me ask you believe these guys when they say they get 300-400 an acre, joe?
You know...I HAVE talked to guys - with great sincerity from different areas of the country, and DO know that there are areas that get just crazy prices for theit applications. Out east, for instance....I have spoke to people that were getting $100 and better per application for standard 1/2 acre subdivision lots. We have also talked about this at our Lesco (excuse me, JDL lol), and we discussed the price fluctuations in fert prices and like our rep said, he speaks to the other stores - and they say they get these prices, also. I guess one way to find out would be to make some calls around the country, and do some fishing. It is just hard to fathom from our point of view, because we see first hand the prices charged in our areas, and how consistent they are. Where abouts in the state are you? I'm in the Flint area, Genesee County.
I guess but I can't imagine getting 300 an acre. I'm in Washtenaw County.

Best I can get is 140 an acre and that's pushing the outer limits. Most acres go for 110 to 125.
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