Picked up new Scag today

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by runk, Jul 1, 2008.

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    I will try again I post in the wrong place the first time.

    Picked up new Scag today
    With the help and advice of the group, I purchased a new Scag Turf Tiger 25 Hp Kubota diesel today.
    Was a all day trip to Mineral Va "Tractor Hill Equipment".
    Way out in the country, but they had a lot of Scag mowers, they are a small Mom and Pop business, with great prices. there URL is: http://www.tractorhill.net/ hope I didn't screw up putting there url on hers.
    I got my price from Bill, the price he gave me, caused me to drive about 720 miles round trip to pick it up. and no sales tax to out of state.
    I have 2 Walkers, and what a difference, the cats left the yard, when I made the first couple of passes.

    All I have to do now is set here and let the grass grow so I can play with the new toy. Maybe I can find a 30 year old widow woman that need help with her yard.
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    I battled with myself for weekes whether to get the 25 kubota or the 27 LC kawi. It wasn't but a 1000 dollars more. the only drawback was the extra weight. let us know how you like it and lets see some PICS>>>>

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    Yeah lets see some pics! Another Satified customer! "Simply the Best"
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