picked up new trailer for a good price..

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by AWR, Jun 10, 2008.

  1. AWR

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    just wanted to post that i just picked up a new 7 -16 enclosed trailer made by proline trailers in roanoke virgina. now i live in new jersey and it was an 8 hr ride but worth it. it cost me $ 3700 for the trailer.and 350 for gas. i traveled down there to pick it up because i couldnt find a enclosed new trailer here for under 6500 for that size ,so it saved me over 2000. now its not a tuff as a wells cargo but i think it will be just fine. i figured i'd let some of the guys on the east coast know incase they were interested in buying an enclosed but couldnt afford it right now with gas and the economy. hope this could help

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    this thread is worthless without pics.
  3. AWR

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  4. dura to the max

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    thats about what i paid for mine. i ended up hating it though, was a pain to work out of compared to an open trailer. i can do so much more w/ a 16" open trailer and haul a lot more (except pine straw). congrats on the good deal though. for strictly maintenance theyre awesome if your mower is under 60". i just couldnt afford 2 trailers so i sold mine and got an open trailer. i wanted to be able to haul w/e and only have to unload the mowers. now i can haul mulch, dirt, dingo's, and small skid steers and have ALL my tools w/o having to guess what i might need for the job.
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  6. Varsity L&G

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    I know someone with one of those and it has been nothing but problems. Replaced the springs twice because of broken springs, after the second time they were told the springs were to light for the trailer and the upgrades actually only cost $10 more. Most of this trailer is rotted out after only a couple years because of crappy workmanship.
  7. Hawg City Lawns

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    notta bad price at all thats what i did with my trailer went down and got it from the manufacturer
  8. Varsity L&G

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    We did the same thing bought 4 at one time.

    Those on eBay though are JUNK. That one anyway.
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    Of course you have to shop.

    I used Ebay ads to negotiate with. I shopped my ass off and compaired everything. Frame thickness, load, hinges, side construction and so on.

    I have an 7 x 16 enclosed trailer and it's great. Drove several hours to pick it up.
    I bought it straight from the factory in BFE Georgia. It's sold under another name as a higher end trailer (Diamond Trailers.) Total cost was $3650. Has 4 Mag wheels, spare, V-nose, metal side trim panels all way around and the dealer threw in a cheepo equipment rack.

    Looks great, rides excellent, holds all my crapola. Very happy. Gets occasional unsolicited compliments.

    But I started with Ebay.
  10. andyslawncare

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    I bought a Horton Hauler 7*16' V Nose brand new in GA for $3,400. It was 15 Miles away and costed less than $10 to pick up...Prices in your area are crazy.

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