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don't u just love when they pick apart the estimate, and try to nickle and dime you. got a call from a referel. he wants: spring cleanup, fert program, weekly mow, edging and mulching of beds. great, so i give him a package. you see, if i'm cleaning the beds, and mulching them, they don't have to be that clean. and since i'm making great time on the cleanup, i do the bed edging for a minimal fee, and since i'm doing everything at once, i'm still making great money on the visit. i would blow out the beds, edge them, mulch, do lawncut, and first application all the same day. so i leave him with quote, he waits 8 days to call back(at first, he was in a big hurry). then he calls and says, we just want the cleanup, bed edging, and mowing, but mowing only every 10-14 days. silence by me. sir, the prices were put together as a package deal, if we go ala carte, the fees increase. he says, well, i can't understand that. i just didn't want to deal with it. i was on my cell, told him i was losing connection, couldn't hear him, then hung up. WHY do they bother calling for service when they can't afford it, or just don't want to pay. i will not be talking with him again. you get people that do this?


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That's the same kind of person that sees a 2 for a dollar deal and wants 1 for 50 cents. If that's the way it's done, it would be priced at 50 cents, expletive-expletive.


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sure every day lol


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Don't offer a package deal - offer it ala crarte, then if you can do it all at once, you're making better $$$.


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Something a little bit like that happend to me today. A neighbor of a customer I was mowing stopped me and asked what I would charge to cut down 4 to 6 feet tall brush around her 200 foot diam pond. Looking at it, I figured about at least half day to full day using a bushhog and brush cutter ($300 to $600) rocks and debris and access difficult. Then she asked about rip-rapping the bank. I tell her that I will have to do a little measuring and check the price at the local quarry, but we were looking at a couple grand or so including fabric underlayment.
She then sais her husband has a truck & they may rip-rap it themselves. Then she sais how about you just charge an hourly rate and we use you for about 5 hours or so.:confused:
Sure, call me. Gotta go.


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Yes.....almost ALL my calls are just as you described in some way.
What can i get for this.....
I'm on a fixed income.....
I can't afford much.....
The last guy didn't charge but $.50...
Only cut every 2 weeks, i can't afford every week....

bla bla bla bla....

It amazes me how people are to lazy to do the work themselves, but don't want you to make anything.

I told a potential customer today...I am not starving. I have plenty of work at my prices....Don't feel obligated to hire me.

Cut 3 trees. 1 medium 2 small
Grind 2 large silver maple stumps w/ roots everywhere.
Cut privet hedges growing at perimeter of property.
transplant 2 shrubs
haul off load of trash and old wood pile.
plant and mulch a 15'x2' area in front of house
cut the 1 acre lawn.

My total price was $1200.00 and $80.00 per service on the lawn.

My price blew her wig off......ha ha he he ho ho.

don't need em...........................................


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ye, i love the fixed income speach. oh, and i'm NOT on a fixed income? what, i got a money tree in my yard?? i listen to this cr@p all the time, and i stand there looking at the house, that's paid for in full, and think to myself" if u can't afford to keep the place up, why not sell it for the $300,000 it's worth, and enjoy your life a little?"


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I got the reponse "I can can get local kids in the neighborhood to do it for much less."

Laughed and said there wasn't a chance I could come close to someone working for movie and candy money. I love those reponses. I can get little jimmie to rake my leaves for 15 dollars. So...go get em'.


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1. I spot with Roundup 2 weeks before mulching.
2. Don't offer discounts on select items, offer a smaller discount on every item.
3. Rewrite the contract for what they want, a 2 week growth of lawn is harder to mow & should be marked up.
4. I'll take that fixed income, its called mow n' go, thank you very much, see ya next week.
5. Even on Mow n' go, write up a yearly contract, ask for a month in advance, demand a 30 day notice on cancellations & possibly a percentage of the remaining contract if they cancel. Collecting is a B***h, don't put yourself out.

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