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    Hello all I am new to the industry started this year and have done better than I expected looking to bridge over to full time in another year or so. My question is I have a 36" belt drive walk behind that is getting somewhat old/unreliable I am looking at purchasing another mower and using that as a back up. Should I buy a zero turn rider or stander??? I just want to know which would be more practical. I am up in the air on the decision seeing advantages to both. Wanted some advice from people that use or have used both. Brand wise i am gonna go with gravley, ferris, scag, or exmark. Thanks
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    All the ones you are considering are good. Whats also very important is dealer support.
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    I have 2 theories on how to choose the right mower. First is just purchase walk behinds. There efficient and less expensive. I've noticed the large 15+ truck operation guys only run walk behinds. They are like stated above less expensive. Less to maintain in the fact that they have less moving parts. There also much more versatile then a zero turn.
    My other theory is buy what fits your yards the best. You don't need a Z if you cut a lot of hills or un even terrain. But if you have large open areas a Z mower is very efficient. Now to shoot a whole in theory 2. Your accounts are always changing and hopefully growing. Unless you have a guaranty one + year contract you buy a mower for that contract that cost 10k and you loose the contract. You still paid or paying for a mower you no longer need or possible cant use. I know a company locally picked up a park. He purchased 30k worth of 72 " mower. Lost the park the following year. He couldn't use thing mowers on any other property's he had. When he sold them he lost most of his profit.
  4. No Weeds Left Behind

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    Ok with these two replies in mind. What would the best walk behind be??? I have a MTD pro walk behind, which is a lesco with a MTD sticker on it. and another question I have heard/read how the stand on mowers are extremely maneuverable for the width of the deck you can get are they that much better or is it just hipe???
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    Post number one answers your first question. All mowers break. So how long it's down is the real question. For example our old exmark dealer used to always take 2-3 weeks on anything. But the gravely dealer would do his best and really get you back mowing quickly. Well gravely is not near as good as a exmark in my opion but if I can't get it fixed why own it. As for the stand ons I own one and really like it. It's the exmark advantage. Now I wouldn't own it if it was my only mower. My walk behinds are more versatile. They also cost less. Something else to think about is gates. If you have a lot of fenced in back yards or think you may get them. You need a mower that can get through a standard gate. I stuck with 36" mowers for my first few years. Then started getting into the bigger units m
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    This 100% true though it can be 100% misleading.

    Large operations send out large crews with large trailers with 4 WB's. They buy WB's because less money, they take up less trailer space, and the guy running that business is riding his desk on a swivel chair in an AC office with his feet on his desk instead of standing all day on a stander, WB w/wo a velk.

    It's not his legs that are dead at the end of the day. And to the young guy's here a warning the more you abuse your body when you are young the more it's going to wear out hurt when you get older. And, hurt sooner then it would have if you took care of your self.

    If it doesn't have a seat forget it.

    And if for any reason you need to use equipment where you have to stand make sure it is self propelled with a hydro for a true reverse. Pushing all day takes it's toll as well.

  7. No Weeds Left Behind

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    If i had to pick between leg pain or back pain, I would have to choose leg pain lol. But valid points I just really want to get whats best and to me spending 6-10k on something is a lot of money and want to get what would be the best for the money.
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    I have used and owned alot of mowers. . Scag turf tiger is the best and most efficient machine hands down
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