Picking up 06 4x4 Dakota to haul my rig (excited)

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by DA Quality Lawn & YS, Sep 7, 2010.

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    After almost 3 full seasons pulling my rig around with a Ford Escape (yes, insert laugh here) - finally found the PU I wanted in the form of a 06 Dakota 4x4 crew cab with the 4.7L V8. I believe she will tow around 7K lbs which is WAY more than I will pull in the forseeable future. Best thing is, this will fit in my garage (full sized crew cab would not) AND be family friendly/useful in my offseason.

    Next step for me will likely be to upsize my trailer to a 6x12 utility or enclosed - not this season though and perhaps not the next either. Great sales may chg my mind though:)
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    Cool! I've always liked those dakotas.
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    Best of luck with the dakota. I have an 05 quad cab with the 4.7 tow package. I haul 1 48" ZTR and a 48" WB a 21" push on a 6.5 x 12. The weight has worn my leaf springs down to the point it sags with no load. I have never overloaded the trailer. I load the walkbehind first and the ZTR sits on the axle of the trailer to offset the weight distribution. I am looking at an optial five leaf spring pack
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    Your concern is noted. Yes I could always add leaf springs too.
    However, I have been hauling a 1K lb Z around with my Ford Escape for a while now with no adverse effects on it and it isn't even meant to tow much of anything.
    Also, my trailer is much smaller than yours. I can see the extra weight might cause problems.
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    For the 7K tow rating with the 4.7L engine you need the shorter axle ratio (check glove box; should be listed on a sticker in there), as the capacity will drop about 2K going from the 3.92 to 3.55 ratio. The 545RFE trans is quite a reliable unit. Besides, if the 4.7L ever dies, you can literally swap in a 5.7L HEMI as it uses the same transmission :cool2:
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    It will haul better than what you had, but don't expect much better. The 4.7 is a slug and they suck gas, but it is a reliable engine and a good solid truck very dependable. I would suggest doing some engine mods if they are not already done. Cold air intake and a full exhaust to start. That will give it a little pep. I had one, so I know. I loved the truck, but the engine was a disappointment. The new Dakota's are much better, they also look allot nicer with the new styling and the engine is greatly upgraded with some better mpgs. Congrats on the truck, it is a good truck and you will enjoy it, but again I would look up some upgrades to give you some more horsey's and maybe help with the mpg's.
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    congrats on the purhase..if you need to you can install some airbags in the back...its a much comfier ride than simply adding leaf springs
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    Congrats on the purchase! I always liked that style of Dakota. I have the 4.7 in my Ram, pretty good engine there.

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