Picking Up Trash Before Mowing

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Turf Terror, Oct 21, 2006.

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    I got a contract to mow a church property in a less-than-nice neighborhood. Part of my pricing included removing litter along the ouside of their fence before mowing. I bought one of those aluminum "grabber" tools and kept a trashbag on my mower's floorboard--to put the garbage in, but it was windy the day I mowed and the bag was a pain to use.
    My question is...
    Do they make a trashbag holder or nylon net bag that mounts to a ZTR's front/footrest for putting trash that you pick up as you mow?
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    How about a small-midsize, hinged swiveling lid plastic trashcan you can hold between your legs?
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    stihl makes a bag you're looking for around $13
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    Call jim a W.E chapps we will got out of his way to help.
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    We have an apartment complex that is in an area were kids cut across it after school lets out. Its amazing the amount of garbage generated there during the school weeks versus the summer.

    Anyway, we have one of those aluminum grabbers as well. If I happen to be working solo that day I'll place a 5 gallon pale (old paint can/spackle/etc.) at my feet and use the tongs to get the trash. Works well and costs nothing...provided you find someone that is discarding the bucker. Check construction sites. They will usually give them away cause its less stuff for the dumpster.
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    We use the Stihl Debris bags on our WB. They're great.

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