Pickup dump hoist



I've seen people duscussing this subject. My friend has one in his pickup truck. Also, when I go to the garbage dump I see a lot of people using them. They seem very useful for landscaping, snow removal, hauling topsoil,mulch etc. Their price for them isn't that bad, $850 for one from Northern. Anyone used them or have any thoughts on this? You can also<br>get one from &lt;a href=&quot;http://www.piercesales.com/iWebCart/showproductdetail.asp?pid=242&quot;&gt;pierce sales&lt;/a&gt; for a pickup truck for like $780.They have 8 different hoists ranging from pickup trucks to rack body trucks.<br> Just click on the link.<p>Bryan<p>----------<br>The Snowplow Homepage<br>http://www.snowplow.web.com<br>


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Bryan I had one of those a long time ago. Ok i will list out some of the pros and cons.<p>Pros<br>Truck looks the same, maybe the bed is a little higher, but not noticable.<br>The truck looks like a pick-up only it dumps.<br>You maintain your pick up truck immage, great if your a high school kid and want to take your girlfriend out on a friday nigh, a lot better than the big 3-4 yard body. Or wife if you married.<p>Cons<br>The truck bed isn't built to dump.<br>The bed will twist overtime.<br>You will have to cut around the fuel filler. Not someting i would want to do on a brand new truck.<p>My advice<p>Spend 1600 to 1800 and buy an insert body, Yes it's twice as much. Only you will be able to dump more, and less damage to your truck. Only you will loose some bed space, and you won't have a tailgate in the truck anymore, so ya lose your pick-up truck image. Only all and all an insert body is a better idea, if you have a fairly new truck.<p>My old personal truck, the 88 gmc i had that type of body hoist. That truck became the beater, i had it for one a week. Then i found out couldn't fit in the darn thing and went out and bought a ford (that was my first and last non new ford truck.) That truck was set up like this 4.3 v6 ( i think) auto, 4X4, 9' fisher blade ( i made that fit, not the dealer ) dumping bed. The funny thing was i had that truck to 94, only i did have to put a lot of money into it.<p>Geoff<p><br>


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I had all intentions of buying one for my 95 Dodge when new. The equipment dealer told me to forget it, the new trucks are too thin in the bed sheetmetal, it will destroy the bed if used regularly. They usually sell them for older trucks. For the same money the bed insert is the way to go on newer trucks.<p>Oh, and you cant use a trailer hitch on the dump bed hoists unless you mount it real low.<p>Bill