Pickup mount sprayers on a trailer

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Quail Creek LC, Jun 30, 2003.

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    Do any of you guys have your spray rig/tank mounted on a trailer instead of in you pickup bed. I'm thinking of mounting a new setup on a 5x10 trailer instead of in the truck. I just dont want to tie up my pickup bed with the spray rig or couse damage to my truck with them hose or fertilizer. Woud this be a good idea or would I be wasting my time and money on a trailer. Thanks
  2. If you get a ride-on, how will you transport it?

    Also a 200gal skid sprayer weighs over 2000 pounds full, make sure the trailer can hadel that weight.

    a 2000 axel already has the wieght of the trailer on it, then add the 2000# that is over it's weight rating.
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    I have a 200 gal lesco space saver mounted on a 5x8 trailer rated for 3000lbs.
    I t works fine, I routed a power cable from the truck battery to the back and added a welder's connection to the end. I have another cable with the male end mounted to the hose reel and going out to the tonque. A word of advice, mount the sprayer over the axle as close as possible, it will pull alot easier and you can move it around buy hand easier if you have to.

    I pulled mine last year with an 86 F-150 and worked fine, I bought a new F-250 this year so now it is too long to park in my barn hitched up, by about 6 inches:mad:
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    we used to run a 300 gal tank + fertilizer bags on a 5x12 trailer. We mounted it all the way forward so some of the weight was split to the truck axles. The trailer never knew it was on there. It barely bulged the tires. It was a 3500 lb axle with trailer tires. that approx 2400 lbs water weight plus unit splits between 2 sets of axles. You should be fine as long as you don't have one of those home depot trailer specials.

    We know have a flat bed deticated spray truck so we done away with the trailer and now use it for landscaping or whatever. The only bad thing was backing it into drives off busy roads. It is a lot easier to just pull in.

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