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Pickup & Trailer


LawnSite Member
I'm about to buy a '04 Reg Cab Chevrolet 1500 4x4 with the V8, 5.3L, 4:10 axle ratio. It's rated at 8800 lbs for Max Trailer Weight.

I'm also looking for an enclosed trailer to haul a 60"ZTR. How wide of an enclosed trailer will I need to fit the 60" deck. Keep in mind I won't have the disharge chute on and I will be locking the ZTR down to keep from bouncing and damaging the interior walls.
I will be hanging up trimmers, backpack blowers, and edger on the walls so they won't be in the way. Gas Cans, trimmer line, tools, and all the extras go on a shelf in the front so they won't be in the way either.

The only thing going on the floor will be the 60" ZTR and maybe a small 36" or 48" walk behind or 21" push mower.

I'm thinking of going with a 6X12. Will this work? And how will the new truck pull the trailer?

Thanks everyone for the help!!!

Grass King

LawnSite Member
Vicksburg, MS.
I would go with a 7 foot wide trailer, because if you decide down the road that you what a bagging system for ZTR it will be tight fit.


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Memphis, TN
Save yourself the wear and tear on a 1500 pulling an enclosed. Do yourself a favor and get at least a 1500 HD.

One of my best friends used his 1500 to pull the race car and it was always a struggle on the road. It was hard on the rear suspension. Talk about squatting. And it was an open trailer. He upgraded to the 1500HD recently and it made a world of difference.

James Cormier

LawnSite Bronze Member
6x12 is way to small, You will out grow that too fast, With enclosed you should get on size bigger than if you were going to get a landscape trailer, I would guess you should get at least a 7x16, That truck will be a little taxed pulling everything,
just my thoughts


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Southern Indiana
I agree with everyone else. Spend a little more $$ now for bigger trailer and stronger truck or you will spend lots more $$ latter in replacement costs and repair costs, down time.


LawnSite Member
bastrop, la.
Always get a little bigger than you think you need.
Down the road you will wish you had a little more room.


LawnSite Senior Member
I've got a 52" Lazer and a 48" w/b on my 6 1/2 x 12 trailer. The w/b has to go on sideways to get to fit behind the Z due to the gate which you'll also have with an enclosed trailer. Go with the 7x16 like the others say.