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Pickup Truck Dumps-OEM Beds

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I'm sure some of you have dump kits or dump inserts for your OEM pickup truck beds-what do you guys have to say about them good or bad experiences, maintenance, reliability... I'm going to get a new (proabably a year or two old) truck next year and I'm curious to hear what you have to say. I don't want or need a full size dump & it will be my daily driver, so I want to keep the OEM bed, also better visability when plowing. As of now I have to call my buddy and cut him in on the $ anytime I do even a small mulch, dirt, fall clean-up, job. Paying him is cheaper than off loading by hand (Forget That). But I think this style of dump could be just the thing for my needs.

Thanks for the input!
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A pickup bed just can't handle the stress. It will twist apart eventually.

Your best bet is to condsider an insert dumper. There are many brands and options to them but they are reasonably priced, easy to install/remove and don't detract from the trucks appearance much.

Do a searcg here and on and you will find many discussions on various dumpers.
I agree your pick up bed would be good for a little while but not the long haul putting dirt and heavy stuff in.The dump insert is a good way to go.go to they have a nice aluminum body looks good on truck but cost near $5K.
I bought an ez dumper this spring. It was $3300 Cdn and came with the hevy duty pump/cylinder and headache rack. It works fllawlessly, and I couldn't be happier. It saves a lot of time dumping grass, and we all know time is money $$$.
Years ago I had this dump that the frame sat in the bed of your truck, then went up and dropped into the stake pockets at the rear. The dump slid into a set of tracks. When you wanted to dump something you could either pull it out by had (not hard to do) or you could go in reverse and tap your breaks easy. The bed slid out and dumped the load. You pull forward a little then go back and tilt itup and slide it in. At the time I paid about $850.00 for it. Does anyone know the company name as I forgot.
I had one of those kits on a '73 Ford F-250. Worked great. Bought it used w/ the bed when my truck needed a new bed. As far as it not lasting too long, I had mine for 20 yrs. It was used, and didn't have a company name on it, so I can't say what it was, but as long as it's on YOUR truck and you don't overload it, I wouldn't worry about using an OEM body. I hauled gravel, topsoil, mulch, firewood, etc.
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