pickup truck mounted fuel tanks - worth it?

stinky rodent

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nw ohio
any of you use the truckbox/fuel tank with pump set ups on your trucks? is it as convenient as it seems, or should i just use cans...


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Memphis, TN
I looked into it recently myself. Some companies it would be great for. Others it wouldn't. I can't see paying the extra fuel cost of hauling all that added weight around for my business. Other companies it would be a great asset to.


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Southern Indiana
Got a 110 gal tank on one of my trucks. About once a month or so I drive over to KY and fill her up (About 10 cents a gal cheaper). Saves me money and time, plus I can add additional additives in bulk.


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I have a 50 gal. tank on my truck for off road diesel, as I have two diesel ZTR's. It sure saves time, not having to stop by the fuel dealer every couple of days to fill up plastic fuel cans. I can usually stop for a fuel fill-up about once/month.
I also have a 25 gal. gas tank on one of my trailers. I only have to stop for a gas fill-up about once every 5-6 days.
I highly recommend the use of large tanks for fuel storage. They also allow you to use a filter on the fill hose so you do not get trash in your mower tanks.:)


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Got two 55 gal tanks, gas & diesel. Been using them for years and keeps the equipment going. Get the tanks, they will save you time.


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New Hampshire
Don't you have to be placarded when you carry gas in a bed mounted or auxilary fuel tank?


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In Maryland you have to have a fuel sticker for any fuel container over 5 gallons not permanatly attached to a piece of equipment that is consuming the fuel.


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We have one and it is the best thing we ever did. It saves our backs, time at the gas station, spills, dust & debris in cans, the list goes on. Ours pumps 15gal/min so it saves time on the jobsite, it is also great for filling up plow trucks in the middle of the night. As mentioned, make sure you put a filter on it, also make sure it is vented properly.

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