Pickup Truck or Trailer?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by CoachLinz, May 29, 2003.

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    You said it EXACTLY! I'm glad you agree with me.

    And someone pulling a lawn trailer with an SUV gives a cheesy appearance! Same for a decked-out personal truck.

    It's not about pulling power or weight, it's about application. The best vehicle for landscape applications is a truck. The best application for a business truck is a basic, functional, clean, and modest truck.

    A Hummer would be even dumber (I'm a poet).

    It's like the guy who goes elk hunting in a Subaru stationwagon. Sure it's 4-wheel drive and can carry the carcass, but it's not the best application. Or how about camping with a Cadillac? Yes it works but it's CHEESY!

    That's my opinion. And I'm sure there are rookies and part-timers that will disagree because they are in the exact situation. "Hey don't make fun of me. It's all I got and I'm trying..."
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    I looked at a few trucks this weekend. One I may go back for if there is nothing new in tomorrow's ads - we have a real good classified paper that comes out every Monday. It was an 84 GMC High Sierra - full size pickup. It was in great shape on the exterior other than needing a little touch up paint on the back of the tailgate. Runs pretty good - needs a few little things but what 84 truck wouldn't. It's got 150K miles, but only 70K on the engine and 5K on the transmission. My only concern is the engine is no longer the stock 350 but a 302 (or so I was told by the owner - he didn't put the engine in, the prvious owner did). Seems to still have plenty of power, but what about when I load it up with mulch, etc?
    I could get this truck for between $1000 and $1200. Any thoughts?
    I haven't found a trailer used around here that could handle the weight for hauling mulch and stuff, so I'm probably going to go for a truck. A guy I teach with does this on the side also and he loads everything into one of his 2 trucks and finds it better and more efficient than when he used a trailer. I know alot of you guys have said go for the trailer, but I don't have a place to put one. I guess it's a bit of personal preference on everyones part too. Whatever gets the job done right is what I figure. soem guys have mention that it's tougher to load/unload a truck, but I'm a 230 lb. amateur powerlifter (gotta have my fun you know) so I'm not real worried about that. I basically lifted the 48" Bobcat out of our mini-van when I brought it home yesterdaybecause I don't have ramps yet, so I figure rolling up a ramp into a pickup can't be that bad.

    Anyway, I'm babbling because it's late. Any thoughts on that 84 GMC would be appreciated.
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    I have some friends in FL that live in an area that doesn't allow trailers to sit in front of their house. They have to be in the garage and not noticeable. It just depends where you live. If you don't have a place for a trailer then get a pickup. It's no big deal to place everything in the back of your pickup. Besides.......if you in a bigger city where traffic is bad....guess what.....no trailer to worry with. If anyone has pictures of their setup (equipment in pickup) then post them. Would like to see how you all have things set up.

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