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pics of 80yrds of mulch in a pile

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by JShe8918, Jan 27, 2011.

  1. JShe8918

    JShe8918 LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 946

    So i am thinking about buying mulch in bulk directly from the mulch bagging company, BUT i am worried that the pile might be to large. I have seen a big pile on here somewhere. However i can't seem to find it thru used of the search function. Does anyone have a picture of a bulk mulch pile with an estimate of how many yards it is? Another thing. If i build a three sided stall and put a covering over it how long would the mulch be good for? It is going to be dyed brown double shredded mulch. I don't want it to be faded and what not. Also the only way i can buy it is if i buy an 80 yrd truck load at 16.50 per yard delivered 88 miles! I think it is a steal of a deal being that everyone else wants 28 pr yrd for crappy mulch. What is everyones thoughts and anyone who has a picture please post it up!

  2. johnsonslawnmanagement

    johnsonslawnmanagement LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 908

    I get 10-12 80 yard loads a year. My bin is 3 sided. 6' tall, 24' long, 20' wide. The back is 10' tall. Truck backs all the way to back wall. Driver starts the walking floor trailer and shifts the truck into neutral. The trailer pushes the truck forward and the pile stops exactly at the posts everytime. I pay $12 a yard for double hammered PAINTED black. Delivery runs around $350. Mulch sells for $35 a yard.
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  3. johnsonslawnmanagement

    johnsonslawnmanagement LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 908

    And bulk is the way to go. The top inch or so will weather and fade but the rest is fine. I don't keep a load very long but I had a load of brown sit for 8 months. When I finally sold it there was some mold but not enough to matter. Top inch was faded and moldy but under that it looked fresh.
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  4. Barefoot James

    Barefoot James LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 984

    80 yards is a big pile about 20 x 20 ft and 5 feet high. How you gonna get it back in your truck - front end loader? If not you are gonna do lots of shoveling.

    What kind of MPG you getting on your 2005 Duramax - Highway unloaded? Loaded in city? I just bought one used with 70K miles with a dump but only 2WD.
  5. JShe8918

    JShe8918 LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 946

    Thanks guys that takes out alot of my concern. And when it comes to loading that has me confused because i don't want to have to rent a mini skid or a skid steer everytime i do a mulch job. So i am guessing shoveling ALOT! But then measuring out a yard is practically impossible unless you use a 0.22 cu yard wheel barrow!

    Now to the truck. When i had 35's and a stock tranny and motor i got about 15 around town (driving 45 to 55 only 4 red lights in town) and 19 on the road both unloaded. Then with my efi live programmer on 35's stock tranny and motor i got about 18 around town and 24ish on the road. Now with a fully built motor, fully built tranny, dual fuelers, injectors,twins, lift pump, lift on 35's i got about 20 around town and 28.5 on the road. With 37's i got about 18 around town and 29-31 depending on driving habits on the road.

    Loaded with enclosed trailer 7x16 3ft v nose, 1 turf tiger 61 kawasaki, and walker mt 20, and all the other essentials.
    stock on 35's (decent) 12 around town and about 16 on the highway
    stock everything(best all around) but with exhaust and efi live i got 14.xx around town and 19 on the road
    fully built i (bad) about 10 on the road about 22.
    with 37's and fully built (TERRIBLE) 8 to 9 around town and about 19 to 20 on the road

    On the up side i can run a 1/8 or 1/4 mile much faster than anyone around town and most sports cars at the track. best trap time of 10.74 and best trap speed of 134
  6. JShe8918

    JShe8918 LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 946

    The bigger injectors and turbos really killed my towing mpg's. Then again my smallest turbo is significantly bigger than stock and my large turbo is ALOT bigger!
  7. tree_hugger

    tree_hugger LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 256

    80 yds is not as big as you think. definetly the best way to go. we go through so much i couldnt imagine paying retail prices for mulch and actually making money. if you can afford to buy that much at a time then i say go for it
  8. JShe8918

    JShe8918 LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 946

    I want to do it so bad i can taste it! But i have 3 concerns. 1. where am i going to put it! I have a pasture 20 mins out of the town i do most of my work in that is extremely accessable but still 20 mins out! Option two is my 1 acre yard but i don't know if an semi could get into my back gate it is wide enough but only about 15 foot off the narrow street. 2. measuring out a yard and loading it onto my truck and trailer with out owning a skid steer, front end loader, mini skid, etc. and 3. if i even can sell 80 yards of it. I already know i have about 20 of it sold but that still leaves 60 yards. How i figure it is one yard in bags costs $44.20. so for 20 yards i am going to pay $883.99 with less labor costs being that i won't have to shovel it twice. OR for 20 in bulk for $330 and shovel it twice. Once into the truck and trailer and once at the jobsite. I imagine the $554 will make up for the labor. But i can't imagine doing so. Man if only i could hit the lottery and win $10,000,000. Hell even 10,000 would get me started!
  9. Showpropserv

    Showpropserv LawnSite Member
    from mn
    Messages: 242

  10. 944own

    944own LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,178

    I know I dont do as much mulch as some of you guys but some saying they cant make money paying retail is crazy because I always buy by the bag it is just easier for me to transport and I always charge the customer double. By that I mean if I buy 100 bags at $3.00 a bag the mulch cost me $300.00 I will charge $600.00 installed I dont think that is that bad and nobody ever complains.

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