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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by ozarkearthworks, Dec 6, 2008.


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    what is it?...buttermilk and beer makes moss right?
  2. P.Services

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    so they say. i have never tried.

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    me either,gonna give a try this year...i really like moss in some landscapes
  4. ozarkearthworks

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    Thank you all for the kind words.

    Picasso, we are actually trying to pitch the idea of a suspended "treezebo" connected to the existing deck... A little place to get away and it would definitely give her a more year round view. She is considering evolving the construction from a simple, side yard gazebo to a treehouse accessible via suspended bridge. We'll see about that, but boy would it be a cool project!

    zedosix, well said indeed. Sometimes nature just seems to call...

    Yes, Outlander. Beer works along with the buttermilk slurry. As does yogurt. As does plain old water. However, it never hurts to have a beer while making your slurry regardless of what you decide to mix with your buttermilk.

    Thanks again. I'll try to post some more sometime as the project evolves.
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    Were in NWA are you located? I'm in Mtn Home, and i have to say that we in the ozarks have some of the best stone and rocks for landscaping around. We have about 120 acres of cedar glade the have the best looking moss covered glade rock free for the pickin, hard pickin but free none the less.

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