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Discussion in 'Sports Field Maintenance' started by kreft, May 4, 2007.

  1. beaglegun

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    What kind of grass and what variety?
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    For those of you all who have asked questions, I am not sure of the kind of bluegrass that was originally on the field when I got here. however, we are using Hogan seed's "Hogan's Alley KY Bluegrass Blend" the exact % of which I will check on before I post.

    The soil makeup is a variety of sand and loam, but it's fairly inconsistent, being a lot more clay based down the left field line, and much more sand-heavy down in right field. When the field was built, some of the native soil was mixed with the trucked-in composition. What I've found is soil samples vary in location and it's been a hard thing to evenly fertilize because part of the field reacts differently than others.

    The infield is a clay based surface. I mixed in 22 tons of calcined clay last winter and it has become a bit too soupy since. I plan on adding 25-50 tons of alabama red clay within the year. The conditioner is Mule Mix, colored Red.

    here are a couple more pics!

    I'll be happy to answer any more specific questions.




    Last spring in the snow!

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    That Snow Shot Is A Grammy
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    Talk about a nice looking squib.
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    thanks, jub jub
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    Hey Coach in the second picture of your last set of pictures how do you stripe like that?
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    Looks really nice guys. That picture with the snow is pretty cool.
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    Nice fields... especially like the corn one. How do you cut corn with a mower? Must be complicated eh?
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    Pics are in Oct after a Sept renovation. Ky bluegrass/per ryegrass. New Ky bluegrass sod on the sides.

    1st Base.jpg



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