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Discussion in 'Water Features' started by Chestnut Oaks Prez, Mar 25, 2008.

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    why can chesnut oaks not recive pm's yet? i thought you had to have 10 posts and then you could?
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    That flagstone is really beautiful. You ended up with a great pattern with the large slabs and the smaller ones. Very nice swing too. I am sure you will spend many beautiful evenings viewing the pond.

    I was going to tell you one thing that I think would make your stream look even more natural. You water level in your stream is much lower than the final rocked edges and the liner of your stream. This can really give you some flexibility to mix things up. You could pick a few areas of the stream bed, and remove some rocks along the edge to make an indention much closer to the stream. Just have soil for planting or sod. This would serve to break up the edge of the stream. You could take these rocks and move them into the landscape a little bit. Tie the stream into the landscape.

    Just a though.
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    Very nice!!
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    Looks good!!
  5. Chestnut Oaks Prez

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    Latest pics! Fish and pond plants added today since these pics.





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    Little off the subject... but man I wish we had soil like that here. Here in the Ozarks you cant get one shove full without being full of rocks. I hate seeing all those HGTV landscaping shows where they dig area for plants (let alone 4 feet deep for ponds) and have nothing but soil. It takes us 4 times longer to do anything that they show. By the way, love the pond. You look like you have one awsome piece of property there.
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    not bad for a beginner. :laugh:

    BTW lzrj, the soil around here is by NO means what you see in the picture. That was a 20ton load of screened top soil that we spread out as far as it would go. Believe me, I dug the pond out and hit rock that only dynamite would have broken up. The bottom pond would actually be a bit deeper, but the finding of rock stopped it where its at. :(
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    here are a couple of night time pics of the main waterfall (500gph). Still some tweaking to be done, but you get the gist. I'll try to get some more of the other two falls and the stream soon.

    misc 123.JPG

    misc 120.JPG
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    Ok you used a grande skimmer. I couldn't see the full skimmer in the other forum post, because standards don't have rock channels. Makes sense now.
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