Pics of inside LGF's shop

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LAWNGODFATHER, Jul 8, 2003.

  1. 1200 squares is a lot of space.....

    I need more stuff to fill it.

    my shit farther back.jpg
  2. Jeep top fits well...........:cool:

    pallet rackj.jpg
  3. The blade sharpening area....

    This spot gets dirty fast.......When I get a MagnaMatic I will hook up a shop vac to it.

    work bench blade sharpener.jpg
  4. Rest of work bench, boy it needs a good rearnging.:rolleyes:

    work bench.jpg
  5. Even got one of these, I hope Jodi doesn't get offended by this pic.........;)

    BTW that's rust stains, haven't been able to get them off. Any idea becides CLR?

  6. Got heat and A/C, makes a good safety light holder.

    heat n ac.jpg
  7. 2 stroke stuff..............Need a few new pairs of hand held hedge trimmer, the old ones bit the dust last week.

    2 stroke.jpg
  8. I panned up just so Ultimate "Imagainary LCO" Lawn knows there are ends to the trimmers......

    2 stroke top.jpg
  9. Sneak a truck pic in....:D

    Daytime pic for those that asked.

    4700 lp.jpg

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