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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by americanlawn, Oct 10, 2007.

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    left = three 2000 gallon fert tanks. right = two 1000 gallon water tanks (can't really see in the pic) . We use a digital meter (Raven Flow Max 110) shown in the center of 1st pic. Fill hoses are quick disconnect as well as the spray truck tank receivers. The fill pump is a 5.5 hp "trash pump". It's a simple and inexpensive set up, and it fills trucks fast & accurately.

    3rd & 4th pics show 9 spray trucks. We do not heat the warehouse (5000 sq ft w/60,000 cubic feet of storage). We can store all 9 trucks, 95 tons of fert, 3 snow plows, and other equipment & materials in this warehouse.

    On our property, there are 3 other buildings: a heated (smaller) warehouse, our office, and our five bedroom rental house.

    Sorry for the dark pics, but it was cloudy today.

    I am posting these pics for two reasons: 1) members wanted to see them, 2) because one single member of this site called me a liar, said I have no credibility, I like to brag, and he doubted that we had an operation of this size.

    If anybody here wants more pics (proof), I can take a pic with all 9 spray rigs when they're lined up getting ready to be filled, much more equipment, as well as pics of all 4 buildings (which are clearly marked with our company large sign is 16 feet tall & lighted at night).

    rscvp if anybody wants more pics.

    NOTE: if I wanted to brag, I would have posted company pics a long time ago and told everybody how great we are. But a certain member "called me out". (see post regarding "$2200 for a ride-on")

    very sincerely, americanlawn:usflag:

    fill station + trucks 001.jpg

    fill station + trucks 002.jpg

    fill station + trucks 003.jpg

    fill station + trucks 004.jpg
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    Very nice set up
    how do you move the John Deere with aerator in last pic?

    Could you get some more photos of the warehouse?
  3. americanlawn

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    Hi Supper Grassy........We've been doing a few aerations/seedings on Sundays lately, so that's why the JD 445 w/Ryan 48" hydraulic lift areator is in the warehouse. We have two of these units, and they are pull-behinds.

    Our warehouse is spaceous, and I'll try to post more pics of it soon. Thanks.
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    Looks like a well run operation! Congratulations! it took a lot of hard work to get where your at! so go ahead and brag a little, you earned it!
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    wow american! nice nice nice. Too bad there's nothing but Chevys in there!


    Looks like there's enough room in there to camp out when you're in trouble with the wifey. Like when you start taking down your lawn decorations :p
  6. americanlawn

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    Thanks Indy. Lots of friends, fine members and fine sponsors on this site.

    I'll probably take some pics soon to show our entire one acre operation. Not to brag, just to show others what we have and how it's set up, so guys can get ideas. I just hope it will not offend "the person who called me a liar" on this site.

    I'll try to PM you on the 18th regarding "you know what".
  7. americanlawn

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    Messages: 5,955 almost made me spit up my beer there:laugh:

    Actually, 4 are GMC's, the rest are chivies. The 8 pickups are 2500 HD's, and the tanker is a W5500 GMC (made by Isuzu, cuz GM owns 35% of Isuzu).

    When this warehouse was built, the "ends" were the last to be installed, so it seemed like I was at an outdoor Led Zepplin

    How did you know about me being in the doghouse?:laugh:
  8. Supper Grassy

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    american how do you move the aerator a trailer?
  9. deltascapes

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    very nice setup, to build an operation your size took alot of hard work and what is good about a successful business without sharing with others. You deserve to brag please post more pics. My business is growing and i would like to see what you have in place. Maybe share some advice when building you storage.
  10. mkroher

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    chevys..gmcs...same crap.. I mean stuff. How did i know you were in the doghouse?...hrm. well.. what married man ISN'T?

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