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Pics Of My New 260Z!


LawnSite Fanatic
I have pictures of everything if there is anything you would like to see. I just got it yesterday.
Very nice looking design. I like the suspension seat of course, the tanks are a nice touch and I think all Z's should have the big front caster tires. Let us know how you like it after a little seat time. What engine and deck does it have? Tell us about it's little brother also. That is one narrow ZTR, bet you can get through those small gates pretty well.


LawnSite Silver Member
The truck does fine as long as the weight is over the axle. I mowed with it all day today and the seat and pivoting axle make for a great ride. I hope the engine will get a little more power after breaking it in though.

It's got a 26 HP LC Kawi. The 34Z is perfect for back yards with gates. Just keep it away from hills.