Pics of Truck, Trailer & Equipment on website & flyer?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Exact Rototilling, Dec 21, 2007.

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    Wondering if it's a plus to put a picture of your truck and trailer on the website? Flyers can be limited for space however a small picture of what looks to NOT be a old rusty beater might help bring in more calls. I have my doubts about lining up your equipment for a website. Here at we might care what stuff you have but Homeowner Joe or Homemaker Mary could probably care less about your new ZTR or your new Quick 36.

    This invokes a level of prejudice however many of us judge by appearances to some degree. It's a fact. Granted a pic of a rusty Datsun B210 with an equally rusty beater 21 inch mower hanging out the trunk will not help acquire new clients.

    One LCO I'm aware of has a website that says, ". . . we offer a value based service with a professional image that wont make you cringe when we pull into your driveway". :laugh:

    For example we had an sub electrician show up at our place once with a pealing paint beater looking Dodge Dakota and sure enough "Beater and Sons" did crummy low end work ugly work.

    I also wonder about pictures of self and family?;)

  2. topsites

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    No, don't, it won't have the results you think it will, customers will take it the wrong way and it will negatively affect the quality of the callers you get. Not sure how to say it, so I'll blurt it out... See from the customer's stand point it makes you look like you're either immature or insecure, like gee look here's my new car, yeah wow who cares.

    What I know is it will NOT impress them, not at all, at least not like that.
    Best way to impress is don't try to impress per se, just do a good job then let all that other stuff happen on its own.

    So better off putting up pictures of your work (like results, or before-after) or no pictures at all.

    Now I have to get off my tush and take my own advice and go take those pics off my site lol, been saying I was going to.
  3. Wells

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    I have to disagree, I think adding a small picture of the owner or your crew and equipment will have a impact on a customers decision, as consumers we all choose products based on the way they look or the way the comany looks.

    I personally like to see service type businesses include photos of the owner and/or crew in their advertising, it gives the potenial client an idea of who they will be dealing with; a 15 year old kid, a spanish company, a scuzball company, or true professinals.
  4. Exact Rototilling

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    What I'm thinking is having door hangers, 8.5 x 11 flyers [mainly for estimates, aeration customers & rototilling clients I may never see again w/ a biz card stapled to the sheet & a Co labeled pen] and the postcards I mail out my website address on it. I have no plans on driving out for estimates with my truck at 17 mpg empty unless I'm already out with the vehicle working. I will be driving either my Honda Civic 35+ mpg or my motorcycle 45+ mpg. Each estimate flyer will have a brief listing of my services, small pictures of my truck and trailer and my web address for the inquisitive borderline customers. I think the picture should be a minor point on the flyer as to not draw unwanted attention. Same goes for the web site pictures.

    In my area there are many low baller rag tag LCOs I don't like being critical but I would not want them near my property. I'm am hardly a high society snob by any mean and I drive older reasonably well kept presentable vehicles and I'm well groomed and I'm generally free of body order unless I'm working up a serious sweat on a hot day.
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    That's too funny! Who's site is it? I would like to ask if I could use that!

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