Pics Of You!!!

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by THEoneandonlyLawnRanger, Oct 9, 2006.

  1. WGLandscapeMaintenance

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  2. johnnybravo8802

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    You sort of looked like a younger Evel Knievel in 1988!!:laugh::laugh:
  3. georgiagrass

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    Hi from Atlanta.

  4. asalow

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    from left to right, my wife (we just got married sat. 12/19), me, my sis, mom and dad

    wisc fam.jpg
  5. luis@NJ

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    Im on the left

  6. slamjamrockinman

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    I'll join in, this is an interesting thread! This is all I got on the cpu, this was a while ago. WG will like this one, beautiful day at the mx track.(hurricane)

  7. WGLandscapeMaintenance

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    Before I saw the writing above I knew it was Mazeppa! lol
  8. Maxify55

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    I'm on the left but the one on the right gets far greater treatment.
    I can't get on the Z without him running to jump into my lap.

    He'll spin in my lap to watch those evil horses in the pasture.
    You just never know when they're liable to sneak up on you.

    It's his 2nd job. His primary position is every man's dream.
    He's gets to produce and I get to support them all.

    We breed Maltese Dogs and Cheval Canadien.

    Retired Fla. Law Enforcement after 30 yrs. @55.

    Life is very good.

  9. grassman177

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    wow, those doggy shades are cool, are those special for the dog or what?
  10. Maxify55

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    The sun is pretty brutal down here. Every time I turn into the sun he would cover his eyes or turn away from the sun. I get mixed reactions from neighbors but I have noticed quite a few more Z's and less tractors mowing the acreage out here over the years.
    Go to eBay and type in doggles in the search engine. You'll find them.

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