Pics of your stuff, when you first started

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by troblandscape, Oct 16, 2003.

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    This is when I was twelve years old. I started when I was ten, with a push mower that I picked off the trash and all that it needed was a spark plug. I saved my money and bought this craftsman four-wheel steer for 1200.$. I was doing 24 lawns a week with this set-up, all the lawns where in the neighborhood so I never crossed a main road.

  2. husqvarna600c

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    id say thats impressive around here the kids are pushing 1 mower down the street with a gas can .i like the logo on the cart!
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    i wish i had pictures but mine was stolen within a month of starting business...
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    Hi Troblandscape,

    The lettering on the trailer really makes the picture!
  5. troblandscape

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    The guy who lettered the trailer charged me only $40 and he came to my house. I think back on it now and that was really nice of him, I wish I still had his number, I would still use him.

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