pics -- our lawn/tree spray place (final pics)

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    Pic 1) office -- it was originally a restaurant back in the sixties called 'Breezy Hill'.

    Pic 2) rental house - the lady who owned the restaurant built it. we lived there for a while and had our offices in the rear (that's why our sign is still in front of it). This five bedroom home is currently rented out to four "chicks"........NO -- they are NOT that great looking.:laugh: ain't bad, but of course, that's the one with a boyfriend.:hammerhead:

    Pic 3) warehouse (behind rental house) - 60,000 cubic feet.......that's why we do not heat it during the winter (although Vic offered me a low-interest loan if we got behind on our heating bills).:laugh:

    Pic 4) garage (behind our office) - it's heated, and we store our freezable chemicals in it during the winter. note the Z-two sprayer/spreader behind the 70 dodge challenger.

    This 2 acre property is on (4-lane) state highway 415 north of des moines. All four buildings have a security system, and we have never been vandalized.....that's one nice thing about having renters living there so they keep an eye on things. sorry the the delay of these pics, but it's been cloudy.

    thanks, americanlawn:usflag:

    4 buildings 005.jpg

    4 buildings 001.jpg

    4 buildings 002.jpg

    4 buildings 004.jpg
  2. mkroher

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    wow man. great success. how about some pics of those hotties? :cool2:
  3. americanlawn

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    Saw one yesterday - I sprayed her ash tree with dormant oil for grey oystershell scale, but I didn't have my camera with me. It's too late for bikinis, but I'll try to remember to carry a dig camera in case I run into another hottie when treating "something or other". :)

  4. Tscape

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    Did you tell her, "I'm here to spray your ash in the rear, ma'am"?
  5. americanlawn

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    Nope .... I told her I was there to take care of her bush.:laugh:

    Lawn guys have long hoses, american:usflag:

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    love the old school beetle. is it yours? does it run?

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