Picture Of Z-spray Machine?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by GREENITUP, Nov 2, 2004.


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    Can anyone show me a pic of a "z-spray" setup? After reading all of the good reviews on it, I am interested in seeing what it looks like and didn't have much luck with the search function. Thanks for any pic's. :confused:
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    I paid $7595.00 for the large unit this spring. Worth every penny.

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    Thanks for the info - I didn't even think about the obvious (z-spray.com). So these machines run around $7595 and it was a great investment? How does it do on residentials and smaller properties? (under 10,000 s/f). I spray from a 200 gallon skid and it can be a pain - do you guys find that it is more useful as a granular spreader or for liquids? ***Also - it weighs over 700 lbs. - add a 170 lb. driver and 30 gallons of material and you are well over 1000 lbs.! Any tire rut problems?

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