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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by ryde307, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. ryde307

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    Freightliner was not a hook. Just a cheap dump.

    Yes I drove the f150. Not sure what I will drive now. Right now I drive the f250 until we buy another truck. Probably an f150. It is just used as a back up and run around truck.
    Right now we have 2 isuzu box trucks. Mowing/sidewalk crews in winter.
    2010 f350 used for whatever needed in summer extra plow truck in the winter.
    08 f250 irrigation truck/ plow truck in winter.
    06 f550 with a hook. / runs a plow and salter in winter.
    08 f550 dump and plow/salter in the winter. (Selling it this week though)
    New international hook we are building. Will haul whatever needed in the summer and be a salt truck in the winter.

    J I will let you know if anything comes up near you.

    Gallihergreen We talked about it. Just sprayed white now to see how it is. We may paint it blue in the future. No snow after the last few days. It was a great winter though.
  2. cli99

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  3. ryde307

    ryde307 LawnSite Senior Member
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    The new hook lift will replace the old freightliner and the 550.
  4. SterlingLawn&Landscape

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    I noticed you were using what looked like a switch n go system on at least one of your trucks how do you like it? I was considering getting one I know they can be pricey but they seem so versatile trying to get some opinions on it.
  5. ryde307

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    All the rain gave us time to finally finish our new hooklift truck.

    It's a international 4300 33k gvwr. Autotrans, and airbrakes. It has a swaploader SL-180 hook. 18k lbs and adjustable 54" and 36" hook height. We can now use all of our boxes we have for our 550. We are also having a 20yard dumpster box made. This fall we will be putting together a 8-10 yard V box for it.
  6. ryde307

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    Our F550 has a stellar shuttle hooklift system. Same idea as switch and go but faster and easier. The switch and go from what I have seen is a down scaled rolloff truck setup. (uses a winch to pull the box up slide rails) I don't know a ton about them and from everything I head they are great. I believe they are also a bit cheaper than hook set ups and do not weight as much.
    Either way I would not go back to not having some sort of swapable box/container setup. It allows a truck to be a bit of a swiss army knife. This helps save on upkeep/maint. costs, insurance, repairs, registrations, and upfront costs.
  7. cli99

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    Looks great!!! Did you shorten the frame between the cab and rear wheels? Was it hard because of stuff in the way? I it going of get a plow? That thing would be a beast plowing :weightlifter: !!
  8. ryde307

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    No plow. Yes the frame was shortened and the axle moved forward 30". Removed a drive shaft lengthened another made a lot of mounts and such. Being airbreak it actually wasn't to bad shortening all of those lines. They are basically plastic and just get cut shorter and have a slip connector fitting.
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  9. alldayrj

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    Congrats on the truck msn, i hope to have the same one in a year. Seems everyone is making the move
  10. Jimslawncareservice

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    how do those storage containers hold up with the salt use? rent them or own them?

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