Pictures from my first few months of repair work.

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by LawnMastersTx, May 23, 2008.

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    I got a call from the home owner about a problem with her valves not working. She lives way out of my service area, Decauter Texas, about hour from my place. Well she wouldnt let me off the phone until i said I would come out to fix her problem, didnt understand why she didnt want to use her local guys until i showed up. Here are some pictures from that one.

    Heres one for you guys up north and having all your valves in one place.

    Heres one of a different place where lightning hit the sprinkler box.

    Here is the new one almost finished with the install.

    This customer had 20 heads in the backyard that were to high. I thought the pipe was not deep enough so the heads were high. Come to find out that the installer didnt cut off any of the extentions.

    Heres one that made me look twice. The home owner added a soaker hose to one zone. The zone has 5 other spray heads on it on top of the soaker hose.

    Also his yard is full of these. I am working on getting him switched over to drip irrigation.

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    AH MAN THOSE ARE GREAT! So good to see you tackling these problems. Those kind are great learning jobs.
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    Repair work has been easier after those pointers you gave me on it. I am still making a ton of trips back and forth to the truck for parts though, I think I have everything only to find out I forgot something.

    I am waiting for the lady with the valve mess to get the funds together to fix that problem. She is rebuilding her fence first, since her dog keeps getting out. I have been reading up on past post on how to install them all together, almost feel like i am up north, until i step outside into the 100s temps.
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    great pics, now you know why the other guys wont come out. good luck on your repairs, let me know if you have any questions.
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    Ah, texas irrigation. Gotta love it. Call us when you start using swingjoints.
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    "Swing Joints? Boy, we ain't in to your new-fangled "technology" down here."

    ... let them keep their cutoff risers. matter of fact, i have cases in the shop if someone wants them.


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    We use swing joints where appropriate. A cutoff nipple works just fine in the middle of the yard. I suspect you pulling pipe guys don't go very deep and make up for it by using swing joints to get below your pipe. Our pipe is generally deep enough that cutoffs are just fine and dandy.
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    Pulled pipe here is generally 10" - 12" deep. Why you gotta keep bashing us? :)
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    WE pull with a 12" blade and put it all the way down .Swing joints make for perfect grade every time. Nothing worse then having to replace a toro ( shorter then hunter or RB ) and it is on a cut off. Turns a 2 minute head swap into a 10 minute job.

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