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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by MaloneyLandscaping, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. MaloneyLandscaping

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    Hi. Ive been doing my own landscaping thing on the side for the last year. I work a full time job and do this on the side. I am 26 yrs old. I have been doing this since I was a kid by myselg. As I got older and went away to college i did landscaping here and there for friends. I drove city trucks in the winter for years and finally bought my own plow truck last Junuary 2010. When the spring came I decided to try the landscaping and see how it went. Figured I have the truck why not work it year round.....So I went out and bought some equipment. It turned out really good for me. I have 1 person with me usually part time and am thinking of hiring a full timer to run the truck during the day while im at work.

    I have been on this site for a year learning and looking at al the hear are some of mine. The scag 36', billy goat leaf loader and honda push mowers are still in hibernation. Just brought in the smaller equipment to tune it up for the spring!!!!!!


    021 (2).jpg

    029 (2).jpg

    030 (2).jpg

    031 (2).jpg
  2. Landrus2

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    looks good
  3. MaloneyLandscaping

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    New Equipment bought 2010.....
    Redmax EBZ7150 Blower :):) bought for fall cleanups...amazing
    Echo PB-413H Blower
    Echo SRM-225 Trimmer
    Echo HC-150 Hedge Trimmer
    Echo Edger
    Shindaiwa 22f Trimmer (used it as a kid Shindaiwa will last forever with simple maintenance)





  4. bobcat48

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    Looks great,very nice neat looking setup u have,hey i have the srm 225 too lol its a great trimmer and my bp is close to your 413 i have the 500 just the newer version and its great too.caint wait to see more pics.Hope u have a great year.
  5. Landrus2

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    That redmax will whip the pants off that echo
  6. MaloneyLandscaping

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    Thanks guys I am going to go out in the shed tomorrow and I will get some more pictures of the bigger equipment.

    --I love the SRM225. It has plenty of power for me and I have no complaints. The PB413h i bought three 4 years ago when i bought my house. It was good for residential use and day to day maintenance. But come to the fall cleanups the redmax is a BEAST. It was well worth the money. It cut my time and efficiency in half. I am a one man show with a helper so efficiency is key for me. The addition of the Redmax and the billy goat leaf loader made a world of difference.

    All in all a good starter backup or secondary blower

    TREEGUARD LawnSite Senior Member
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    do you normally bring you equipment in the house
  8. HHlandscaping

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    yea why is your equipment in the house ????
  9. Broshears

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    Maybe he brought his equipment inside to take better pictures? I don't know.
  10. MaloneyLandscaping

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    haha no not normally. I have a shed out back. I live in the city so the plots of land are smaller plus i dont have a garage. I brought the stuff in because i have a workspace in the other side of my basement....Boston is a lovely 20degrees and windy!

    Ill have some more pics soon...

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