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Pictures of Me work when i am bored.



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Grand Rapids, MI
Thats a secret....nah, jk.......I started with the "swoop" I started in the middle, went all the way to one side of the lawn. Then i went back to the middle and "swooped" the oposite way to the other side of the lawn. Then I went back and Did the straight lines last.....and honestly this whole pattern took about 5 minutes longer to do then just a normal staright line pattern.

PS to anybody who says young kids are rookies and shouldn't be mowing and ....... like they always do...I'm 19!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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largo, FL
It isnt that I couldnt stripe if needed, down in florida, st.augustine doesnt stripe well. Plus, it is a rare find to see a lawn of that size down here, property is just too valuable.