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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by bwlpm, Feb 11, 2009.

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    PlatinumLandCon...that is the best criticism I have yet to see. I like how you took the time to do the detail. I like the steps.. really hoping to pick up some jobs like this this year.

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    Everything looks good...I'll stay out of the walkway discussion because I don't know enough about pavers to say anything good or bad.
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    This is definitely a good example of respectful constructive criticism.
    I think the work shows that you take pride in what you do. Some good points were made about the layout...but overall it is apparent that you desire to do quality work!!!
    2 thumbs up to all posters on this thread!
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    Another thing you could have done to make the walkway flare out at the end was keep your pattern running strait to the end. To make it flare out just create the radius of the curve outward that you want with your soldier course and then fill in the middle with your pattern keeping it uniform to the rest of the walkway. I was shown an easy way to make curves, by laying all your pavers out first, running them past the desired border of your walkway, then taking a garden hose and laying it on top along the edge creating a guideline for your curve, then you can take a demo saw and score each paver, and pick them up one by one in order and cut them with the paver saw. To complete the other side you do the same thing, while using a tape measure to make sure your curves are exaclty the same. It can be time consuming to do this, but every curved walkway ive done this way has come out great. After all your cuts are done you can run your soldier course along the outside, using mitre cuts to make the pieces fit perfectly. Was tought this technique by a fellow landscaper around here that has been in the hardscape business for 20+ years. Works great.
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    I'm right with ya. looks good. I don't have the credentials to comment on the stone work.

    The last time I put some bricks together was elementary school.:laugh:

    I'll stay in my lane and keep driving:waving:
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    What's the stone called on the patio? Is it carolina blue stone?
  7. bwlpm

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    no it is PA bluestone ( mix of blue, green, and lilac)

    the walkway did get polysand the pic was taken prior to it being installed

    as for the steps ( the one with the landings ) they are wall block but we later removed them and replaced them with the large bluestone pieces. the architect that designed the poolhouse also did a rough landscape plan and did the ordering so we worked with what we had until the home owner gave the go ahead to purchase the large pieces ( $ 42.00/ ft three years ago)
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    nice work. keep it up

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