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  1. bbailey

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    First time today I tried to load pictures onto a forum. Finally got it figured out, I thought? The pictures come up as a link, jpg. How do I get the pictures to automatically open when the thread is clicked on like all you guys do? Any help would be great. Thanks
  2. mcwlandscaping

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    on the bottom of the new thread screen, click on manage attachments, then either enter the internet addy of the pic (not the web page they are on but the actual pic itself) or browse your computer by clicking the "browse" button and if the pics are saved onto your comp then you can find them and upload them that way
  3. Jason Rose

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    post only ONE pic per post to have them open automatically. Otherwise you can post up to 5 per post but they will be a link only.
  4. stuffdeer

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    Or...Go to, and upload them there...It even automattically downsizes them.

    Then copy the IMG link into the Body of the Text, and it will show up and you can put descriptions around it and such.

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