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    I have to do a powerpoint presentation for my computers in agriculture class and im doing it on commercial mowers. I need pictures of lawn scalping and a few pictures of lawns that have a lot of grass clumps. (i need these for a slide of what not to do when mowing a yard) also i could use a pic of uneven lawn striping if anybody has one. thanks.
  2. Runner

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    I'm not sure, but for a good cause like education, I'm sure He'd feel the same way, and give praise to you doing it. On Eric's website, (his company site) there are some pictures of a lawn right next to one of his that has clumps, and is poorly maintained. I do hope that I'm not out of line for pointing this out to you, but I believe He would give you his full blessing to use them as well.
  3. mdb landscaping

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    yeh i know about those pics. i wanted to use it, and i figured since i was just using it for an educational purpose and not a business purpose it wouldnt be as big of a deal, but all his pics are copyrighted so i dont think i should use them. I found another pic of one with clumps, but its not as good. i would never use somebody elses pics on a website for my business. everytime ive asked somebody for pictures, its usually for a presenation i have for my major. if anyone else has some good pictures, of how to not mow a lawn let me know. i have a couple of pics that will do, but i was just hoping somebody had some pics of serious scalping, or massive clumping.
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    Even copyrighted works are subject to fair use laws. You are allowed to use materials out of copyrighted works provided that you do not use the whole work, you give full credit to the source, and you are not using the materials for monetary gain. Educational use has a particularly strong exemption for fair use.
  5. BigJim

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    Here you go hope this will do for a scalping pic,I cant cut any lower than this,Its yours to use if you want it,good luck with your presentation.........

    stowers lowest 1.jpg
  6. Runner

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    There! See how nice Jim is? He went out and scalped his lawn, just so yu'd have a picture for your presentation. ;) Geesh! I'm glad you're not doing it on home fire safety!:p
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    Just a little note about Eric...

    A few months back I was doing up a flyer design and needed some good photos of a striped lawn (didnt have any because it was feb). I noticed Erics post about people stealing his photos. So I figured it was a long shot, but went ahead and sent him an email explaining my situation. Without ANY hesitation what so ever, he said "tell me which one you like, and I'll send you a high quality version". Now he didnt know me from the next guy.

    My point is, as we all know, Eric was one of a kind. Wouldn't think twice about helping someone that he didnt even know. I'm sure he wouldnt have a problem w/ using photos, especially for education. But, that is a touchy subject considering the situation...
    I just wanted to add a quick post about how he helped me. :)-kj
  8. mdb landscaping

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    Boy big jim, that was nice of you to scalp your lawn just for me:D . thanks for the pic. i will add it to one of my slides. thanks for your help guys.
  9. Runner

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    It's the same situation here. He told me the same thing, and added that he was flattered by it.
  10. FrankenScagMachines

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    Heres some bad stripes. This mower (my friend's) lays a real nice stripe but it's super hard to keep going straight. It's a 1986 John Deere 316 garden tractor with a 44" side discharge deck. His lawn is real nice, the clippings do not show when it's been mowed unlike most lawns around here, but funny thing is, he doesn't do a thing to it except mow once a week which isn't often enough for this particular type of grass. If i had been on my mower they would have been straight...:rolleyes:


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