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  1. Rob Spread & Spray

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    Where did the thread go to? There was over 1700 views there and now the thread is gone. People were waiting for some clear answers that I think could have kept them and their business out of jeopardy.

    So it goes................

    Just be sure to check with your local DOL and an attorney practicing Labor Law!
  2. Mac_Cool

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    Yeah, looks like the thread was deleted, probably because of the bickering and bad (probably illegal) advice that was given. Unfortunately my post toward the end where I clarified some of the misinformation was deleted also. If you want a tried and true and legal incentive for your employees, read my post here:

    Anytime you stop paying an hourly wage you should consult an attorney familiar with wage laws. If you pay bonuses, SPIFFs, or incentives of any sort, those are taxed at a higher rate than standard pay and you will need to withhold additional taxes.

    Above all, do not try to be funny with overtime using creative calculations. The DOL has seen it all and if you are caught they will bend you over and break it off in your backside.
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    And I was waiting to find out what GlennZ got back from the Labor Lawyer at PLANET too.
  4. Mark Oomkes

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    I believe it is against the rules to refer to or encourage illegal activities. But usually the poster is just warned and those posts deleted, not the entire thread.

    Hopefully Glenn will post to this thread with what he finds out from Planet's labor attonrey.
  5. drmiller100

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    u sound like the old ladies at the bridge club complaining about teh highway department.

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