Pigweed in Bermuda

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by ThreeWide, May 5, 2005.

  1. ThreeWide

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    Any of you warm-season folks having trouble with pigweed? It sure is becoming a problem here in Zone 7. The weather has been a lot cooler than normal, so the weeds are growing while the Bermuda isn't.

    I have customers calling to complain about it, even though these properties have had adequate pre-emergent applied twice this year. The local experts tell me that pigweed grows in the thatch layer, therefore pre-emergents will not prevent it.

    Apparently all that can be done is spray with the typical broadleaf herbicide such as Threeway, Trimec, etc. Even when you do that, it seems to germinate a new crop within a few days.

    Is there anything that might help avoid return trips for this stuff?
  2. southernsprayguy

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    Yes. It has become a real problem here. I've noticed it getting worse every year. One application of 2,4-D will knock it out though.
  3. greenerpastures

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    I have talked with several in the business this week and we all agree this has been the slowest transition we have ever seen. In fact, the national weather service confirmed that late April/early May was the coolest on record here---- and it has been very dry. Even those guys who did the glyphosate blanket sprays in early March have been invaded with late winter-type annuals. Our problem now is more thistle rather than pigweed. Trimec will do it, but would rather let the turf choke it out if it will warm up.
  4. ThreeWide

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    We finally had our first 80+ degree temperatures this week. Hard to believe it took the 2nd week of May for that to happen.

    Last week our soil temps were still around 60. Hard to get Bermuda going with those conditions.

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