Pin oak/ slow grower


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I have a pin oak that's maybe 25 ft tall. My buddy told me it's a pin oak and I agree.
He's a pretty knowledgeable guy . He was guessing it at about 75 years old? I have read
That the pin oak is a fast grower? This looks like a slow grower to me ? It's a pretty tree
And seems happy and heathy to me. Acorns are on the ground.
I will let it live its life but is this a slow grower or what? The trunk is maybe 5 inches around.


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S.E. New England
Are the tips of the leaves round?


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Iv read that the oak will slow down and mature slower. Are we at the slowing down phase? The land was cleared a few years ago for our new home. This was the only tree I saved on the frontage. It just seemed wrong to take it down.

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