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  1. postman

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    what can i use to treat pecan and pine trees for diesese and how would apply it thanks for your help.
  2. Coffeecraver

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    You must first identify the disease

    Posting a picture may help,or taking a sample to your local extension agent

    Read the Label for instructions on use,be sure that the specific desease
    is listed on the label,and that it is safe to use on your Pines and Pecans

    Try contacting one of these Certified Arborists in your area,for an on site inspection.

    Morris, Pete City of Laurinburg
    LAURINBURG, NC 28353 910-276-5287

    Maples, John
    HAMLET, NC 28345 (910) 582-6624

    Hill, Terral Progress Energy
    ABERDEEN, NC 28315 910-944-5260

    Racey, Jeffrey Progress Energy Inc
    ABERDEEN, NC 28315 910-944-5258

    Good Luck !

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