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    This a copy paste of a post I put on arborsite. Thanks

    Pine bores are moving into my area. Lindane is now off the market. I am lic and can buy RUPs and I am set up with Mauget.
    and I have high pressure spray equip. I have not had pine bore problems in many years so need some advise. I would like to hear from someone who has used bidrin (inject-a-cide) from Mauget on pine bores in slash pines. I do not want to risk spraying strong chem into tall trees if I can help it. I feel this is a good reason to use injection. I have about 50 trees to treat and need to treat them quickly.

    1. Have you had sucess with Mauget inject-a-cide?

    2. What other chemicals can you recomend I check out?

    3. Any and all advise is welcome?

    4. My area is south west Fla.


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    It could be too late for these trees. If you can already see the trees stressed that means the pine borers have already moved on and the termites are in these pines finishing them off. Spraying or injecting these trees is a waste of time and money. Several studies have been done on this topic and they all came back with the saying that you had too remove these trees asap off your customers property or you could have a huge infestation of them. Another thing is if you see yellow dust all over the trees that means the termites are in there working and you should just remove these trees.
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    Thank you for your reply. Just one termite would be great then I could use Dursban TC. I guess I should of posted that not all of the trees are infested. One is dead and will be dropped on Monday. I will give a general spray to the yard Monday after the tree is hauled away. Some of the other trees have bore holes and no other signs. I am not going to tear off the bark on those trees like I did the dead one to see the critters. So I am looking to prevent their spread. Mauget claims that inject-a-cide will do the job. I will more than likely inject the trees but was hoping that someone could verifiy that inject-a-cide works. This is not just any customer this is my first customer and now a good friend. They have stayed with me through thick and thin over the last 15 years so I really want to save their trees. Thanks again for your reply.

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