Pine Cone Removal

Lee Homan

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Decatur, Alabama
I have a few accounts that will have to have pine cones picked up before I start mowing.<br>In the past I just ran over them with my rider with a bagging kit but I'm wondering if this is to hard on the mower or blades.<br>Most yards are between &quot;too many to hand pick up&quot; and &quot;not enough to rake&quot; any suggestions?<br>Thanks! Lee
Hello:<p>The pine cones are a pain, if there is not enough to warrant picking them up, I would opt to just run over them & bag them. <p>If you spent about 5 min a job getting them up, before the end of each day you've wasted enough time that you could purchase a set of blades a day with some left over.<p>If a lot we would kick them to a close pile & use rake puting them in can.<p>----------<br>GrassMaster - Home:<br>My Start Up Page

mountain man

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North Carolina
I haven't had much trouble with pine cones, but we've got sweet gum balls all over the place right now. Has anyone found some tricks of the trade that will help save time on this things? Right now I have to sharpen the blades daily on the mower we use for gum balls.


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Atlanta, GA
Amen to that sweetgum problem. I have never seen a year like this year. A bumper crop year. We used a street blower, but that left a little to be desired. Must be a better way, cause they don't mulch worth a sh*&%t.


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Lee, Try your local Zoo. Sometimes they will rent Ant eaters that occasionally enjoy a pine cone or two :). If that doesn't work I run them over with my Walker even though it sounds like something is going to go through the discharge and thru the seat and hit me in the %#s.


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Pine cones can be remedied by installing high lift blades & then lowering the deck. Shoot them into the neighbors yard, or launch them into the street at the paperboy (just kidding). LOL ;)<br>Anyways, if there's alot of them, we usually mow them into a circle/pile, & then rake up the pile. Kinda hard on the push mower/bagger attatchment, so we usually have to discharge them into a pile. Usually if there's enough on the ground to make you spend 30 min. or more at it, you can add it to your bill.<p>----------<br>Smitty ô¿ô<p><br>


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ne Pa
all kidding aside. Pine cones are a challenge. In my travels, I have noticed that the Walker mowers with the smaller decks are definitely capable of picking both the pine cones and needles. Here in Philadelphia, we only pick up the cones and needles in the fall with the fall cleanup. Of course we use blowers.<br>On the subject of gum balls. We use a rotary sweeper. Start at the dripline and work in a circle toward the center. Then use a trashcan to pick up the pile. Takes 10 minutes tops.

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