Pine Cones-Pick up or Cut up?

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by ekcwmi, Aug 27, 2010.

  1. ekcwmi

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    I just want to know how you handle pine cones. I have an older Walker C model and just got a new property that has huge pine cones. Do you pick them up or cut over them? I would think that a side discharge would not be to much problem shooting them on to the neighbors yard (grin), but do you think they will hurt the GHS blowers on a Walker? I know if I hit one the pieces are like flying razor blades. Here is a picture (a little dark) of the property with the Walker hiding in the shade.

    Stegal Panorama 2.jpg
  2. Smallaxe

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    If there are pine needles under the pines, you can always blow them into that area. If it is cleaned all the way through, and you cut high you can leave them be. Ugly or acceptable is the only rule to concern yourself with.
    Any machine that may be damaged by pinecones, isn't worth having.
  3. ElephantNest

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    My Lazer XS turns them into dust. Unless they are quite a few of the very tight heavy ones, I just run them over.
  4. unit28

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    {One of the most familiar feature of pines is their cones.
    Biologically, a pine cone is simply a fertilized female strobilus containing seeds within.}

    since they're heavier than grass blades....
    you may want to consider the variables of kenetic energy.

    just remimber to point flying objects away from the neighbor:)
  5. ekcwmi

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    Believe it or not there is grass under all those trees, grass, pine cones and huge roots that making mowing a pain in the drain. There are only a few circles of mulched areas. It takes me about 2 hours just to cut the place you see in the picture. Then I have to trim around those trees. I may kiss this customer BYE-BYE.
  6. Smallaxe

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    I hear ya... I did convince a couple of clients to let the needles mulch the trees, as nature intended, and just pick out the big stuff, but it took years, to convince them that their "Grass" wasn't worth the trouble...
  7. georgiagrass

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    We run Walker MTGHS machines. They handle the pine cones with no problem whatsoever. Just run over them and vacume them up.
  8. Rayner Lawncare

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    Don't drop the customer. Charge more if you need to. Cut the cones just be careful cause those things can fly.
  9. Andover Landscape Co.

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    You could pick them up and sell them to your local nursery for use in making xmas decorations like wreaths and stuff like that.. Well, here you could anyway..
  10. ShooterK2

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    My Scag will shoot some out the side (or into the catcher) while leaving others on the ground. I only concern myself with the ones in the grass. If they're under the trees, I don't worry about it. Never had a customer say anything.
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