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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by ok4me2xlr8, Apr 6, 2011.

  1. ok4me2xlr8

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    I got a call tonight about someone wanting pine needles and really don't know how to price them. I have the mulch pricing set at $55.00 per cu yard for double hammered and that seems to be a fair price to my area. So I guess what I need to know is how to price pine needles proportional to my mulch pricing. I also need to know how many square feet to expect out of a bale of pine needles. Thanks.
  2. BigDreamsLawn&Landscapes

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    I price my Pine Needles at $7 for less than 50 bales of needles. I drop to $6.50 for more than 50. In Charlotte and surrounding areas I have not had any arguments on my price. I am ordering from one of the guys that comes from pageland, sc and am getting my bales for $3.25/bale when I order 100 so its a nice profit for my time
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    I can't seem to find it for les than 4.00/bail in Myrtle Beach. I usually charge between 6.25 and 6.75 installed and still make a decent proffit. When figuring coverage I use a 40 sq. ft/bail. Big issue is the coverage of existing plant material. Example-a bed with hardly any bushes or flowers etc.. use a 40 sq. ft./bail - The same bed with 50% coverage with plants/bushes try 60 sq. ft./bail. etc.... Not a science though Best advice always buy 10 % more and save them till next job if you don't use them!!!
  4. Will P.C.

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    Around the metro/suburb parts of Atlanta, we have big trucks w/trailers that drive around neighborhoods laying pine straw. I get at least 3-4 businesses coming around to my house each month. They charge 3.25 per bale and then 4.25 per bale to spread it. All the businesses have very similar pricing.

    If I was actually laying it for someone, I would price it by the bale. 7 dollars seems like a fair price.
  5. cps

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    Stupid question but what do they use the pine needles for? Is it just another form of mulch?
  6. Mow Man

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    Not a stupid question! When I first moved down here from up north I was blown away at the fact that people actually buy the stuff and use it for mulch!

    Many years later I, I am still surprised but it is very popular in the south. My problem is when it is used so close to the foundations of dwellings. It dries out after a couple of months and is very flamable and causes several house fires in our area each year. All it takes is one cigerette flicked on a windy day! It does help in the beds to keep moisture in and hold down the weeds, but not nearly as good as a good quality hard wood mulch. I try to sway my customers to install some sort of hard wood mulch close to the house and use the pine straw on the beds away from the houses.

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    Around Atlanta you can get it installed for $4/ bale. I actually charge $5.50-$5.75 and sub to a contractor (when I have enough) who puts it out for $4. I buy it for $2.90. I hate pinestraw. 2 guys can put out about 200 bales/day . 4 houses 50 bales ea. It is hard to make money in pinestraw.
  8. nepatsfan

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    It is the weirdest thing. I go down to myrtle beach at the end of winter to play golf and they have that stuff in their beds. people pay us to remove it. If you ask looks like crap. They literally spread pine needles around in their mulch beds??:confused:
  9. vencops

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    I'd like to hire those guys who can put out 100 bales each in a day.

    I paid 3 guys for 7 hours to place 150 bales.
  10. Mow Man

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    And I am one of the nut cases that installs it ! As I stated in an earlier post, "I hate the stuff" but if their paying I'm putin it down!

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