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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Craig Turf Management, Jan 20, 2001.

  1. Craig Turf Management

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    This year, I'm receiving a lot of requests for mulching beds with pine needles. The question i have is, do any of you folks have a formula for determining how many bales of needles are required to cover a given area? I know that there is no standard for bale size, density, etc., I am just looking for a rough guess at how much area a bale will cover 4" deep. Thanks for your help.
    Bill Craig
  2. HOMER

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    I can't answer that with certainty but will say that a bale of pine straw will cover quite a large area. Down here Lowes sells it out of trailers in their parking lot, they could probably give you a better "guesstimation" of how far a bale will travel.
  3. Indiana

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    I always use pine straw in the all the landscape beds here in Western NC. It lasts longer and they look better for a longer period. Also they are easier to get to remote areas because you don't need a wheelbarrell.

    I figure that a bale with cover approx. 200-300 square feet about 3" deep. I can usually get just a hair more. if the bale is tight, or baled with wire. There's a bale that Corbins has the will go farther. I always figure estimates at 200 square feet. That way I am covered for overuns, etc..

  4. awm

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    where do you get the bales and how much.
  5. Indiana

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    Lately I have been just 30-40 at a time from my local ag store. Prices there are a bit higher than I probably should pay. ($4.00 per bale)

    This year I am going to try to get more at a time and go to Atlanta to pick them up. Down there it's about $3.00 to $3.30 per bale. If I buy a minimum of 155 bales at a time I can save $155 bucks. This would pay for the time to go get them and I would get a bigger bale.

  6. kutnkru

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    If you contact Randy price owner of Price Nursery he will probably give you a discount on 150 + bale quantities.

    They usually have tractor trailer loads of them out back and I'm sure he would work with you on price, and definitely be closer than GA.

    Just my .02
  7. kutnkru

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    C/O Randy Price
    130 Westchester Drive
    High Point, NC 27261
    ***no web site available
  8. kutnkru

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    I thought Murphy was farther northland than it was. Next time I'll check my demographics before I send you probably 2 hrs N when Georgia is what 30 minutes S ... LOL.

    Although I'm sure Randy will be able to give you some better guess'timates of coverage for them needles.

  9. cutting edge

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    You need to try and find someone that is baling the straw. Depending on quantity you can get it for $2.25 a bale if not cheaper.
  10. Indiana

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    Wow. That's alot better. I usually use somewhat of a limited supply for pine straw. Lately, My demands are going higher. Most people I deal with leave it up to me on mulch. I prefer pine straw because it easier to put out and looks better. (in my opnion)

    I don't know anybody that bales it themselves. I am willing to pick it up, though. I may run into someone at the GGIA show in Atlanta, GA next week. I plan on going sometime during the week. My wife and I are expecting a baby sometime soon, so I have to watch how far I go from home.


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