Pine/Spruce tree messed up customers lawn

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Hello, my snow removal customer contacted me regarding fixing the lawn in the back yard. I told her I only do lawn cutting and have not repaired a lawn before but that I could seek some advice for her.

After doing some research I am assuming that the work that would need to be done to repair her lawn from the pine tree would be to:
• Remove debris
• Test soil pH to find out the amount of Lime needed
• Add Lime in the spring to raise the pH and possibly again in the fall
• Aerate and add starter fert, overseed, and water daily. Is this time sensitive to putting lime down?

Would this be the best steps to recommend? If it's this simple I could do it myself but I don't wanna mess up and waste her time and money.

Pictures of the area:


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This is probably a shade problem--in actuality.
You need about 4 hours per day of sunlight. Trim the trees--plant myrtle, ajuga or another ground cover in the darkest areas. Add irrigation.
Where you have possibly enough sunlight--try to grow a shade-type seed. Spend a few bucks more and get the top-quality shade seed. Try to avoid all perennial rye--it is not shade-tolerant. Concentrate on chewings fescue, hard fescue, and creeping red fescue. Good varieties: Longfellow II, Beacon, Spartan II, (Compass or Radar chewings). Avoid Boreal--it is the oldest and most disease prone--was a good choice in 1955.

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