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    Could some one explain why

    Could some one explain why my bale estimate is so high compared to others? I am useing 20 sg ft coverage per bale, when others are using 16.6 sq ft.

    200 x 60 = 12,000 sg ft of beds to be mulched. 12,000 divided by 20 sg ft of coverage = 600 bales to mulch this area.

    125 x 35 = 4375/20 = 218 bales

    I would like to think I am sharp on math even though I can't spelll. So I am asking why do my number of bales differ???
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    Let me see how these figures work. I miss quoted on the sq.ft. the first time. This is how to figure depending on the bale size.

    Lets say a bale of straw is 2x3x2. That is 12 cu.ft.
    12/.33 (@ 4" thick) = 36.36 sq.ft. per bale
    16375 / 36.36 = 450 bale

    New cover I would estimate 500 bales 450+10%

    Rework I would estimate 260 bales 225 +15%
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    Ric, it's 'cause some have incorrectly totaled the sq ft to be covered. Some have only used the measurements of one area, not both areas. Some are estimating at 4" while some are using 3". And the size of the bales (or amt of coverage) seems to vary with each person. (from 16.6 to 36 sq ft per bale)

    I've never seen a bale of pine straw that was 2'x2'x3' and even then, it would cover more than 36 sq ft. since the bales are somewhat compressed.

    I would estimate around 350 bales at around 3" depth.
    If just top dressing exsisting mulch, about 100 bales.

    Most bales are about 13" to 14" x 13" to 15" x 27" to 30"
    And cover "around" 50 sq ft per bale at "around" 3" depth.

    And keep in mind that that is loosely covered. It will settle over time to less than 3"

    George777, The industry average is not 16.6 sq ft @ 3" tables/volume.html
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    Thanks for the info. My bid was the highest and if I make a mistake I want it in my favor. I would rather lose a job up front because I am to high. Than lose money because I got a job that was under bid.

    In my area pine staw does not work real well for weed supression. If my customer wants pine straw I first install cypress mulch and go over top with pine straw. This works well for me and might not work for you. Any thing I install is priced at keystone (cost x 2) or more.

    Also as a foot note I always sell a fertilizer apply with mulch jobs and apply fert before the mulch. Fertilizer on top of mulch will cause it to decompose quicker because decomposition requires nitrogen. If you apply nitrogen on top of your compost pile it will speed up mother nature.

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