Pine Straw Mulch Job Question

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by boxoffire, Mar 6, 2006.

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    I have a customer wanting an estimate on covering a large natural area with pine straw. The area is approx. 5500 sq. ft. I'm thinking around 100 bales will be needed. Does that sound right? Also, was thinking of charging around $250-$300 for the job. The only other thing to do other than get the straw there and put it out is do a bit of weed eating with the stihl trimmer beforehand. I figure that it shouldn't take more than an hour for pre-cleanup, probably less. Of course my price above does not include the cost of the pine straw bails, which run around 4$. I was just going to quote him on my labor charge and also tell him amount and price of straw on top of my labor charge. Am I in the ball park? Thanks. Adam

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