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Discussion in 'Employment' started by Nellies, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. Maryland Contractor

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    I worked for this company for 3 yrs......we always got paid, someone was always available. They have rules to follow that are laid out by the bank to process pictures of before - during - after. As long as you have a good computer and can follow directions, this is a no brainer. It's about the quantity of properties you do......we made lots of money...... I highly recommend them.
  2. Maryland Contractor

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    We made lots of money with this company. It's about the quantity of yards you do....the rates are not that great, you are right, but there is no where else I can go to work and make the money I make with them. They have rules on the picture taking, but as long as you do what they require it's easy!! Highly recommend if you want to work hard and make good money.
  3. Brian76

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    They have said one thing and then done another , as far as the payments . But , they also have been willing to work with me on pricing for all of the yards I have been getting . They have been messing up on my invoices (which shows how much you are getting paid that pay period) . But , I have been able to call them and tell them about the mistakes and then e-mail them the corrections needed as each yard was bid on , and have them corrected without much problem . They have also helped me out by advancing me some money through Western Union to keep me working when I was low in cash . So far they have been very helpful . And they are just now starting to keep me busy .
  4. gcbailey

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    a company that you have never had any face to face contact with advanced you money?
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    They had properties that needed to be done and I had already done enough during that pay period to where they could advance me the money needed to complete the extra amount of properties that were yet complete . It was an advance on money I had already earned .
  6. KWiles

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    I got a call from a Clarence at Pinelands Preservations late last week. They emailed me a training packet with the information. They also attached a W9 for me to fill out. I am feeling a little uncomfortable giving them my personal information. Does anyone know if they are registered with any kind of BBB or some association that can verify their validity? I am just trying to get started in this business and I want to be very careful about being scammed!
  7. Brian76

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    They are fine . I have been working for them since April of this year . I was a little weary to try to work them at first too . But they have treated me well and I am starting to make decent money with them . You should give them a shot .
  8. dar447

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    Does anyone have an address and another phone number for this company?
    I need to get in contact with them. The only number I have is 916-955-3253.
    I've left many messages. No one bothers to pick up the phone.
  9. bulhead19

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    Did you do a lot of work for them ? Did you ever receive payment?
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    I got called by this company after reading this post I decided to not take the accounts plus they don't have any accounts in my area (they looked me up but had no accounts in my service area... Weird). The bad reviews out weighed the good. Seems like the good might have been posted by a employee lol.

    Anyone have any updated info on this company. Seems like a scam to me. They seemed to interested in getting me to work for them
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