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Discussion in 'Employment' started by Nellies, Jan 19, 2011.

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    they contacted me last week and i would have to travel in a 50 mile radius??? they told me the pay was 20.00 a yard up to 15k square feet?? plus take at least 30 pics per house? maybe if the have 12 to 15 houses in the area, or on the way? 20.00 is a slap in the face, my chevy 2500 get 10mpg in the city, plus the fuel in the machines
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    Sure, if you work hard you make lots of money
    but where is that money going?
    lets take a closer look

    all these numbers are are not accurate
    some maybe higher or lower for you
    but i dont think any of these numbers are grossly exaggerated

    Lets say you do 2000 $20 cuts per season
    thats $40,000-seems like a lot
    not many people will get anywhere near that many cuts in a single season.
    if the season is april til october and pinelands pays 2 times a month that is 14 15 day pay periods. lets do some math,
    to get 2000 cuts you would have to do 143 cuts per 15 day pay period
    thats roughly 10 cuts a day, if you work everyday for 7 months.

    Now for the fun part- the cost of doing this

    taxes after its all said and done-at tax time lets say uncle sam gets 10% of that hard earned 40k, thats 4k

    you have a truck payment $250 a month-this payment is all year-not just during 7 month cutting season=3k. then we will need to add full coverage insurance $100 a month all year $1200
    Maintenance on truck oil changes,tires, etc... $100 a month-7 months is $700

    so far we have
    -4000 taxes
    -4900 truck

    labor cost- which you probably need to do that much and still be able to stand at 7 months and its probably just a good idea to have someone else around in case something happens
    one employee at $9 an hour for 80 hours during a 2 week pay period equals$720
    then you have to pay some taxes on this employee on top of the taxes the employee pays-lets say $100 per month.
    labor is $720 times 14=10080+ the $700 employer(you the contractor)pays for employee in taxes. This is if you know someone that can live on 10k a year

    -10780 labor and employers part of employee taxes for a year

    That covers truck and labor
    Now lets do equipment, just mowers
    To do 2000 cuts in 7 months you will need 2 ,at the very least $7500 commercial mowers, thats $15000. Lets do it in low monthly payments
    $300 a month for both mowers $3600-all year long payment.
    Maint. on mowers $100 a month-blades, oil changes, air filters..
    Thats $700 for the season
    -4300 mowers and maint.

    Gas for mowers and truck
    Lets say you are in a big city where you can get 10 cuts a day without driving over 150 miles a day. Thats half a tank at a cost of $40 which equals $600 for a 15 day pay period-(THIS IS NOT HAPPENING FOR MOST CONTRACTORS)
    Gas in mowers and weed eaters-lets say 6 gallons a day at $3.50 a gallon
    $21 a day equals $315 for a 15 day pay period

    -6405 for truck and equipmet gas during the season-unleaded gas not diesel

    Now most preservation companies want you to have million dollar insurance
    at $80 a month all year long $960
    -960 million dollar business insurance

    self employed health insurance-this is if you dont have a spouse that provides the insurance
    lets say $400 a month all year long $4800

    Who wants to save for retirement $5000 a year-which is on the low side

    Home internet $50 a month times 12 months $600
    cell phone with data package $70 a month times 12 months $840

    -1440 home internet and cell phone

    Thats negative

    Starting to look like flippin burgers would be more profitable
    and this is a list of some of the business cost associated with doing 2000 $20 cuts in 7 months

    Hope you people dont have things like
    House payment

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    I worked for them last summer. Their pay is LOW, for me it was $20 per yard. The biggest problem was that the properties were scattered all over the county and I would burn up all my profits in gas just gettting there. They also would send you an invoice every two weeks to verify your work completed. About 70% of the jobs had the wrong price. They would try to pay you less than you had originally agreed on. It was up to you to contact them and correct the invoice or you just got screwed. My contact always said it was the accountanting department for the mistakes on the invoice. They will pay more if the grass is over 2feet high, or if the lot is over an acre. ($10). I talked to a guy and he claimed they paid him no less than $25 per yard, he claims you have to be firm with them from the beginning and demand $25 minimum and they will pay it. It was more of a hassle for me, I quit them.
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    AGREED~!! This company has screwed me out of sooo much money its ridiculous. They wont even pay you for cancelled yards! This is why I started making agreements over the email before I do the work.. I am only keeping them until I find some more work.. SO FRUSTRATING! They did me SUPER WRONG. If you report them I want to do it with you
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    this is true.. They advanced me money and all sorts.. The deal is that SOME of the state coordinators are good.. However I am in MS and everything is SOOOO spread apart I demanded more money.. SO.. naturally they send some ******r to take over and he wont bend.. Now my last invoice is screwed and they and keeping money from me.. Its pretty ridiculous
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    im doing a few for them tomorrow. the rates are stupid low .im very reluctant. 20 bucks for a property i havnt seen? ok or this today i cut 2 properties with all the trimmings. it netted more than the 8 properties i'll do for them tomorrow. hmmmmmmm. stupid stupid stupid. :hammerhead::hammerhead:
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    If you do work for foreclosure people, you have to know up front that they have set it up that they hold all the cards and you have to be ok with that or you will want to jump off a roof within days. Most will do you right, but some are only looking to make money off you without you making any. They will not pay AFTER you mow a lawn and say the customer canceled the job " ok after I mowed it?" yup sorry. Those you dont need and as soon as you find them scoot. There are lots that pay 35-40 a yard and many yards are tiny, and all you do is mow and go as quickly as possible. Those I can live with to fill in dead spots in the week. Good luck with Pineland. I have heard terrible things about them.
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    I know nothing of this specific company, but those involved in flips, renos and development always get the same treatment by us. Pay at time of service at the price we quote, not theirs or see you later. Price breaks are based on your history and volume with us, not maybes. That's because so many setup shill entities that they just suck money out of then fold and walk away.

    That being said, this thread has another interesting quality. Most of the comments seem to come from posters that setup an account just to comment on this thread, in both directions, then fade away. That's unnatural posting on a forum with so much discussion on what they do when they've taken the time to register and create a profile.

    It reminds me of a webcast I saw where an internet marketer was creating conversation with himself through multiple accounts so that he could plant an idea (and in his particular case, some links) and keep it at the top of the forum with a faux argument and conversation.

    This thread smells like that. Moderators, check IP addresses on the accounts that only participated here, you might need to remove this.
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    i did 9 lawns for these guys i took 6 one day and then a few days later my email had 3 more so i did them. got my invoice. turns out they only paid 15 per lot. shorting me what was promised was 25 for 6 and 20 for the 3. so i made 55 bucks on 9 cuts. 2 werent even on the invoice.. :weightlifter: do not ever work for these guys. you will be making a serious mistake. they promise one thing then do another. oh well. thats why i only did a few just to see. now i know and now you know.
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    I would like to know about Pinelands Presevation. I have heard good/bad things about them. I do not want to get involved with a company that will short change me, or not even pay. Anyone worked for them that can fill us in on the company and what its like??? Thanks

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